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hmmm…possibly. I think I noticed a bit of a jump in ease with the third volume. In general, I’ve found it a pretty manageable series to read difficulty-wise, probably because one of the other main things I’ve read multiple volumes of is ハイキュー which is also a sports manga which I think helps quite a bit as while it’s a different sport there’s a lot of cross-over in the vocab and just general style.


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September 14th read 2 pages of 大海原と大海原, I’m conflicted about whether I should slow down to let the club catch up, or just shoot ahead and finish it ASAP.

Today I also typed up all the lines from the first chapter (~ 14 pages) from 王様ランキング to continue gathering vocab from it for Anki, accidentally skim reading parts of it, I think I understand the gist of the first chapter.


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 14

Read section 2, chapters 1 and 2 in 手紙!That’s three days in a row of two chapters :sparkles:

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Thank yoooou!! Also woo for learning Japanese in Japanese!! :laughing::notes: It feels like an arrival when that happens (at least it does for me)

It’s not your fault :sob::sweat_drops: I hope it makes it’s way to an ebook soon.



What did I read:

  • 大海原と大海原, Pages 11-18

Was a little bit harder than yesterday, because I didn’t know some of the grammar, but I still was able to get the grasp of the meaning without help with the exception of two sentences. Also noticed two mistakes in Russian fan translation that I read parallely to check my comprehension. XD

Words I didn’t know: 寝すぎる, 起こす, 優しい, 寝ぼすけ, 伝える, 着替える.


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Day XIV: ろくろっ首
What emoji do I even use for this?
I’ll just go with a theatre huh, there isn’t a theatre…
Guess the bell is the closest thing to a Geta bell ♪チリン、チリン♪ :bell:

I explored the site a little more and there’s loads of stories on here. Under the 百物語 category there seems to be mostly ghost or Yokai tales (which I love).

I did the same as last time: listen, read, then listen & read. I love this site, feel like my reading and listening is getting better already.

Thankfully furigana (well, in-brackets-kana) is provided for place names or more difficult kanji.

Fun sentence: 娘の首が絵の中の中村仲蔵


Summary post

September 14
・Started Honzuki 6. (3% → 4%)

Another tiny read :durtle_megane: Also, added a bazillion books I had on bookwalker to bookmeter. Tsundoku pile is growing :eyes: :sweat_drops:


Hi みんなさん! Can I join? I kind of lead a bookclub on an all-Japanese forum (for learners). We’re reading 魔女犬ボンボン ナコと運命のこいぬ, but lately I’ve been struggling to keep up, even though I don’t normally have a hard time keeping a reading habit. The book is cute, but I’m not super drawn in by the story, and the difficulty level is high enough for me that it’s not a comfy reading experience. Only four more weeks to go, though.


Of course you can! All are welcome :slight_smile:


Today I read just 50 more pages マ月期 manga. What happened so farThe protagonist Yosuke lives at some temple. One day while cleaning he breaks a mirror, and frees a disaster goddess Orihime who was sealed in the mirror. From that moment on he is cursed and needs to always hold the goddess’ hand if he doesn’t want to die. Also if Orihime is sad or angry bad things happen. Imagine how fun that is especially if you have to go to school. But don’t worry the goddess can kiss him back to life lol. Yosuke’s older sister phones the school and tells them Orihime is a relative and has some sickness. They go to school holding hands. Things happen and Yosuke ends up kissing his childhood friend Akari and he lets go of Orihime’s hand and has to be kissed back to life again. Poor Akari is totally confused and runs away whenever she sees Yosuke and Orihime. Later at Yosuke’s home Orihime gets sad and his home gets destroyed. While the place gets repaired Yosuke and Orihime stay at Akari’s place a restaurant, Akari’s father is super pissed he doesn’t say a thing but he looks like he wants to murder Yosuke. Meanwhile Akari meets Orihime’s younger sister Hinata.


:house_with_garden: home post

:heavy_check_mark: Day 6 (9月 14日) :sparkles:

What did I read:
3 stories today, ~25min
新完全マスター読解、one passage and follow-up explanations ~22 min

What I learnt:

追放ついほう banishment;exile; ousting
家系かけい family lineage
家来けらい retainer,servant

接するせっする to be close; to come in contact with
分担ぶんたん taking on one’s share of work; dividing (work, expenses) between
耳を傾けるみみをかたむける to lend an ear, to listen to, to listen actively


Day 13:

日本語: I read some of パノラマ島綺譚, some of 鋼の錬金術師, a bit of ミステリと言う勿れ, and a bit of 魔王城でおやすみ.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of ハイキュー.


中国語: I read 礼物.


Summary Post

Day 14: September 14th
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 40.

Random words
  • 通話 = つうわ telephone call, speaking over telephone.
  • わざわざ = expressly, taking the trouble to do.
  • 目に遭う = めにあう to go through, to suffer, to experience something unpleasant.


Summary post

Day 14: September 14
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 4 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 23 min

Well Rin finally brought up the idea of the medley relay (for the record, it continues to weird me out that he’s like “idk who’ll be our backstroke person” when Makoto is right there LOL, the anime has biased me so much xD). As expected, Haru is Not Interested, and Rin gets irritated with him - I love that we end up with the “writing stuff on the bricks” idea purely by chance, because Rin needs a cover when he raises his voice at Haru over the relay and accidentally attracts the attention of the entire class :rofl:

And then we come back to Haru running~

I'm just appreciating this part, I like Haru's mind <3

I love this little snippet of Haru’s thoughts on running. First, it shows how Rin is totally indirectly and unintentionally inspiring Haru to want to be better. Neither of them realize it’s happening, but it’s so happening, because Haru seems like the type of person who isn’t that motivated to push himself under normal circumstances. But he’s like, tracking his running times, and noticing that he’s getting faster. He started running because Rin runs and it seems to give him an advantage in swimming, but he’s not running for the express purpose of beating Rin right now. He has no way of knowing how fast Rin runs, and doesn’t seem to care anyway. He doesn’t have a time goal or anything. It’s just turned into him wanting to improve himself and beat the person he was yesterday, to push past his limits and see how far he can go. That’s so…pure? I don’t know, I love it. Isn’t that the best way that competition can influence you? To be your best self? And he never would have even started on this path, without this annoying red-haired kid to ignite the spark <3

Then he has this really complex and lovely thought about how running and swimming don’t really give him the same thing/feeling, but sometimes he feels something release inside him when he runs, so maybe they will soon come to have similar meaning…I’m sure I’m doing it an injustice by paraphrasing it here but I just really liked it. I want that feeling. It sounds lovely.
I don’t know if this adequately captures my thoughts and feelings on this moment at all but I tried. I liked it.

Good words/phrases from today:

  • 何とかなる - to be able to manage somehow or another​
  • 見繕う (みつくろう) - to choose (a thing) at one’s own discretion; to use one’s discretion in choosing
  • 聞き分けのない (ききわけのない) - unreasonable; naughty
  • そっけない - cold; short; curt; blunt​ (guess who this was describing lol)
  • 息を呑む (いきをのむ) - to have one’s breath taken away
  • 平泳ぎ (ひらおよぎ) - breaststroke (putting this here in hopes that one day my brain will stop wanting to read this as へいおよぎ -_-)

I liked your post already but I feel like I need to give it an extra :heart:, this makes me happy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Low-key wishing I had literally any reason to have/use LINE so I could use those stickers, they’re so cute :sob::sob: whyyyy. Like, if those were emojis I could use on the forums??? :pleading_face: This place would be covered in tanukis lol

Absolutely!! I’ve never felt very confident in trying to do that, but now I’m like…maybe I should try more often haha, maybe I am good enough to try that :o

Of course! Welcome! :blush: :wave:


I’d like to join, especially since I’m taking Japanese this semester∠( ˙-˙ )/:crossed_flags:
Book: 10分で読める伝記 (the one from the Absolute Beginner’s Book Club).
Goal: 1+ pages/day
Page last read: 50

Edit: I’m going for quality over quantity here, so even half a page fully understood is better than 2 pages with gaps in my understanding. For this reason I’m reducing my goal to 1 page per day.

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Summary post

Day 14: I read another two pages of よつば&!


Welcome to you both!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s great to have you!


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 15

Read section 2, all of chapter 3 and half of 4 in 手紙! (and technically a couple pages of some random manga I found while waiting around.) Today I couldn’t really focus well, but was so encouraged by all my previous progress and made myself keep pushing forward. Hope my clear mind returns tomorrow!

My favorite new words:
  • 心地よい (ここちよい) = Comfortable, pleasant
  • 元も子もない (もともこもない) = losing everything, come to nothing
  • 尻馬に乗る (しりうまにのる) = to blindly follow someone, can also mean to advantage of someone (popularity, status, etxc.)
  • こりごり (懲り懲り) = Bitter experience, learning from a bad experience, being fed up

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Home post - September 15th I just read 1 page of 大海原と大海原 as I am very sleepy, earlier today I skim read through some panels from 王様ランキング. yawning


Morning reading: one and a half pages. Met the fairy prince who’s hair is shining dark red, eyes are dark crimson, skin is gold, and flower-clothes are ultramarine. After looking up a zillion color words I kind of lost focus. :joy:

words and mnemonics

Met wanikani words 中央 and 名人 in the wild for the first time!

I also made up a mnemonic (well, if you look at the kanji the mnemonic pretty much writes itself) for 茜色 (あかねいろ): sunset; dark red, crimson flowers in the West.


Ah this always nice! I had 針金 in mine this morning.

Also learnt 土手, which I could guess the reading for but absolutely not the meaning (it’s a river embankment), thanks for nothing kanji.