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Is it the one by 東野圭吾? I know he has written a book with that title, and it being a crime novel fits as well. :eyes:

I thought I’d read some more of 授乳 early that day, but I ended up reading a (very short) chapter of 赤毛のアン instead. 久しぶりだなぁ!

Full day of lots of driving (all by myself sadly. I love co driving because it means I get to read :eyes:) followed by a family gathering. I read a tiny bit of 授乳 before bed only to have read something. Will check the actual breakpoints today so I don’t miss where to stop reading this week.


I find this a big struggle too! I can get very frustrated if I make mistakes or struggle and be like “ugh! I don’t understand anything I’m terrible at this!”. Actually had to miss a week of the ハイキュー bookclub recently where I had a day like that because I decided that I wasn’t able to understand the chapter and didn’t feel like I could go along to the readalong and show how bad at Japanese I was. Buuuut, I think reading most if not all days has kind of helped with this cos rather than having a day like that and then not reading again until the next week I will read again the next day and realise that it was less about the Japanese itself and more just having a bad brain day. After all, the struggle is how you learn! It’s just hard to remember sometimes especially for people (like me) who were always ‘good students’ and can fall into that ‘this is an exam that I must ace’ mentality.


tiny progress per day, big results within weeks.

I think I’ll read up on Polar Bear Café Today’s Special first. Gives me time to order new stuff :upside_down_face:


@Omun @sycamore Thank you for your support :pleading_face: :revolving_hearts:

If I’m not mistaken, we’re supposed to finish the 1st story this week, so it’s a great stopping point :upside_down_face:


It definitely all counts. Last April I was reading picture books for pre-schoolers, with a dictionary, and a lot of help from HelloTalk friends. This summer I read my first adult novel. Just not being terrified when you look at a page of japanese text is an achievement.


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September 6th 大海原と大海原 3 pages + added 6 entries to ABBC ch.1 vocab sheet.
Today I am spent and the sentences felt like they were pulling teeth, I semi-cheated by skipping over a few hard pages to find 2 easier pages, and then did 1 of the harder pages.

Today is definitely one of those days where this isn’t coming easy, but I’m just happy that I’ve stuck with it rather than throwing in the towel.

Thank you all for the encouragement and support =D
I had some replies I wanted to write, but I’ve run out of spoons to put words into thingies.
It’s nearly 1am and I have work tomorrow, good night team!


Nearly finished reading 星と旅する vol. 1. They killed a giant caterpillar and went to town selling the mats. To draw in customers, Luna the female protagonist, cosplayed as the caterpillar. It was way too cute.


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 6

Yeah, 手紙 pulled me right in off the bat. Halfway through the “first chapter” (which is actually like a forward, really) it turned into a page-turner.

You know that moment when, so long as you understand what’s happening, you don’t care about pronounciation or taking note of unknown kanji and you just get lost in the story? I was literally grimacing on the train ride home, and shrinking into my chair from the tension.

I still picked up a couple new words!
  • せっつく = to pester someone (to do something)
  • しゃがむ = to squat
    (しゃがみ込む = squat balled up with face in-between knees)
  • ふすま = Japanese sliding screen

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Yeah, exactly! I haven’t read anything else by this author yet, but my husband and his Mom love a lot of his works. You sound familiar! Have you read some of his books?

This is my favorite feeling that comes from studying :sob: Imagining the me-from-before seeing what is possible now is amazing. Oh! And thinking of “progress”, just remember it takes native kids like a full 14 years or more to properly learn Japanese–You’re running at the speed of light!

That’s how I started reading too! This place is the best I swear. You make me 1) wish I’d started reading sooner and 2)want to read ハイキュー :laughing:


Yes! This quote is just… chef’s kiss :sparkles: I love it!


.☆:STARDATE: 20210906:☆.

Day VI: 鴻 (隼型水雷艇) :ship:

Judging by how well I remember all the military stuff on WK I’m probably gonna forget this kanji: 鴻 by tomorrow.

Butttt I may remember as on Jisho it says it can mean Bean Goose (reading: ひしくい), which is a cute name for a goose, and it also looks pretty cute:

That is until it pecks you like all geese like to do. ガーガー!ガーガー!
Sadly, there is no goose emoji :disappointed:


しゃがむ = to squat
(しゃがみ込む = squat balled up with face in-between knees)

This is the kind of vocabulary that makes me love and hate Japanese simultaneously.


Hehe :slight_smile: Welcome to Higashino Keigo :sparkles:

We read one of his books in the Advanced Book Club, and yeah, I thought as well that it was a page turner. I think he’s one of the most popular crime fiction authors in Japan.

Only the one, but I still ended up gushing

Only 容疑者の献身, which we read with the advanced book club here like Nicole said. It’s actually the third in a series of murder mystery novels, the ガリレオ series. I have since acquired the books 1-4 of the series as well as the first of another series of his, but haven’t read any of them bar the one. The other series is nominated for the ABC as well so I’m holding off on it, but I’m looking to read the first Galileo book as soon as I finish 2 of my started books. :heart; I loved his writi.ng, and I agree, a page turner. I remember I was doing italki lessons during the time I read the book, and ended up gushing to my tutor about him. I was happy she recognized him, but I guess he is pretty famous


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Today I read an article on NHK Easy:

**アフガンで女性らデモ タリバン催涙ガスや威嚇射撃. (** Women demo in Afghanistan Taliban tear gas and menacing shooting.)

I could not force myself to search for something easier and since I am currently doing my master degree in Persian/Iranian studies, and my master thesis is related to Afghanistan, I read a lot of news about it anyway.

I did not put the all new words below, as for me it would have to be almost the whole article…, but I still found few that I guess can be useful in the future.


声, 「こえ」 voice
教育, 「きょういく」 education
参加, 「さんか」 participation
守る, 「まもる」 to protect
法, 「ほう」 law
抗議, 「こうぎ」 protest
政権, 「せいけん」 administration
首都, 「しゅと」 capital
就労, 「しゅうろお」 working
制圧, 「せいあつ」 suppression
範囲内, 「はんい-ない」 within range
国際社会, 「こくさい しゃかい」 International community

ALSO I am kind of excited to be hitting lvl 5 on WK hopefully tomorrow! :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


Day 5:

日本語: I read a fair amount of パノラマ島綺譚, a bit of 地縛少年 花子くん, some of ミステリと言う勿れ, and some of それでも歩は寄せてくる (finished v2).


中国語: I read 爸爸去哪儿了?.


Summary post

September 6
・Read Honzuki 5. (84% → 90%)

I readched the epilogue! :eyes: …And I thought it was going to be a short read with long side stories afterwards but it is hecking long and there’s no break and I really have to go sleep now, nuhuhu ;-; Can read more tomorrow :books::books:



:white_check_mark: 6日目 9月7日

Today’s NHK News Web Easy article was: 北海道きな地震から3 くなったのために

I can hardly believe that it has been 3 years already…

On the contrary, we only learned hiragana initially so ペン wasn’t available to us! There were also sentences about りんご.


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Day 6: September 6th
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Random words
  • 仕入れる = しいれる to replenish stock, to procure.
  • 順調 = じゅんちょう favourable, doing well, all right.
  • 組合 = くみあい association, union, guild.
  • 目当て = めあて purpose, aim, goal.
  • 酒場 = さかば bar, tavern.
  • 合成 = ごうせい synthesis, combining.
  • 店主 = てんしゅ shopkeeper.
  • たどり着く = たどりつく to arrive at (after a struggle), to finally reach.

Okay, today was the most random turn of events type of day. I thought I was going to continue reading the next chapter of Secret on Satori Reader, but nope. This is what happened instead:

My PC’s graphics card is currently RIP, and normally when I game I use my brother’s PC instead until I’m able to get a new one. For a couple of reasons his PC hasn’t been available these last couple of days and I was browsing my Steam library today, looking for 2d games that could run on my motherboard’s integrated graphics card. I installed a few of them, but this game “Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale” caught my eye. It’s a game that I bought on sale a very loooong time ago, played it for some minutes, and then proceeded to ignore for the last several years. Well, today I learned that the game is actually Japanese, and that I could actually play it in Japanese, so I thought sure why not.

Long story short, I wasn’t expecting to be hooked at all, but that was close to 3 hours of gaming. The level is just perfect, perhaps even a bit on the easy side, but I like it so much because it allows me to mine so much vocabulary effortlessly. I’ve encountered many sentences where I only didn’t understand one word, and the vocabulary is not obscure at all.

For the curious, the setting of the game is this:

You’re a young lady whose father decides “whew, this life be damned, I’m going on an adventure!” and leaves you. But the thing is, he had debt; debt that of course falls onto you. And then there’s a fairy, a debt collector, who naturally comes for the money. But since you don’t have the money, you basically have to work to repay your father’s lovely gift. So you set a shop with the fairy in order to raise the money and fix it. But the fairy is pretty chill and cool, so you’re buddies. So basically it’s a simple fantasy RPG where you buy things to sell to customers if they agree with the price you set, and make your moneys go brrrr. And there’s also a dungeon, where you can fight and explore for rare items that you can craft with afterwards, etc. And all of this, I suppose, while the story unfolds.

So yeah that’s today’s log :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . I think I will definitely continue playing, it was a nice surprise to rediscover.


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Day 5 :heavy_check_mark:
I read 3 pages of 僕らの天使ゲーム just to read something, and learned the word 抜群 ばつぐん (outstanding; excellent). I’m at page 110/354 so I don’t know how the story will end but I’m surprised it talks about a heavy topic despite being a book meant for primary school students (though it’s a good thing!).

Day 6 :heavy_check_mark:
I read the first volume of ばらかもん :star2: I started reading it in my native language years ago and I had forgotten how young Handa looks in the first volume haha.

New words

飛行機雲 ひこうきぐも vapor trail (vapour) - when I read the kanjis I thought they were talking about a cloud that looked like a plane
平凡 へいぼん ordinary; common; mediocre; unremarkable - poor Handa :’(
肥える こえる to be discerning (eye)​
荒んだ心 すさんだこころ dissolute mind; hardened heart​
没頭 ぼっとう immersing oneself in
雅号 がごう alias
忠実 ちゅうじつ faithful
醜態 しゅうたい disgraceful behavior
倦怠感 けんたいかん physical weariness - I actually learned this word last week but I don’t remember in which situation :thinking:
瀕死 ひんし (on the) verge of death
自炊 じすい cooking for oneself
傑作 けっさく masterpiece

Interesting setting :laughing: It really seems like a nice game, I added it to my wishlist!


Can someone Please suggest some resources for reading Japanese online. Free.