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  1. I hit my 100 day reading goal, still going? oops.
  2. I can barely read, I can’t do anything else.
  3. +1 to a bunch of recent posts on reading direction
  4. just a huge thank you to everyone in this challenge


My reading update

Phraw, still going, hit my goal of 100 days. Not sure what this means yet, but I haven’t felt a huge urge to stop although I definitely have less in the tank than I did when I started.
Finished Demon Slayer volume 2 in ~ 21 days (2021-11-22 to 2021-12-14) compared to volume 1 (2021-10-12 to 2021-11-11).

  • Dec 04 - 9 pages
  • Dec 05 - 4 pages (finished ch. 14, started ch. 15)
  • Dec 06 - 2 pages
  • Dec 07 - 1 page
  • Dec 08 - 1 page
  • Dec 09 - 10 pages - day 100 of reading \o/
  • Dec 10 - 4 pages (finished ch. 15, started ch. 16)
  • Dec 11 - revisiting 2 pages (168, 169)
  • Dec 12 - 22 pages (finished ch. 16 and volume 2) + 10 pages (started volume 3)

I’m feeling progressively more guilty about continuing to post my updates in this thread >.>

@NicoleIsEnough I’ve finished Demon Slayer volume 2 and ‘sneakily’ started volume 3 <.<

Hehe I wanted to say the same thing, but without it being seen as me debating the point, as I mostly found it kind of mind blowing that some people would find listening easier =O

reading is hard, but everything else is way harder (for me)

Reading is by far my strongest skill, given that I’m really only 1 ish years in, it is all I really can do.
Playing a video game only works if its a very simple game, likely one which I could 99% play without reading anything. Watching anime without subs is effectively impossible.
I want to eventually improve and extend to wider video games and listening, but in the meantime I am seeing so much growth from reading manga that I don’t really want to drag myself away from it.

more thoughts on this challenge

I 100% understand the sentiment of us all being in it together and I too wouldn’t want to lose that.
I also love being able to call this a book club as that sounds adorable, but that isn’t very important.

I do have a slight preference for keeping this challenge focused on reading or at least reading-adjacent things, but it isn’t very strong.

Eventually in the far off distance future I do want to take more of a whack at video games, but I expect that to be text heavy so that the primary task is still reading. This is how I’ve been playing the Demon Slayer video game for example, trying to read every sentence and understand it as much as I can before progressing (and taking lots of screenshots to save text for later) - despite it nominally being a fighting game.

I’ve been somewhat/quite/very uncomfortable counting that as reading for this challenge, but I think in the past there might have been some days I was too tired and counted (maybe Professor Layton / Ace Attorney), but in general my discomfort meant I tried to make up by adding in a token amount of “proper reading” .

I really can’t thank you all enough, it has been so lovely to be part of such a lovely and supportive community, combined with reading being such a huge boon to my Japanese - even more so with the “nudges” to read things I actually enjoy =D

Infinite <3