📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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Day LXI: あぐりこキツネ :fox_face: & 天狗の間の幽霊 :japanese_goblin:

No この音とまれ!today as it’s no longer available, my fault really as I should have checked earlier but just didn’t get the time. So I read two stories on hukumusume.

First was a Japanese folktale from Akita prefecture, about a mischievous fox, and the other was today’s 百物語 from Shimane prefecture, about tricking a tengu.

The tengu one had a lot of old words and words I’d never seen before.

~ New Words ~
コツコツ - Steadily
社務所 (しゃむしょ) - Shrine Office, the place that handles shrine office work
遣られる (やられる) - To be deceived
天守閣 (てんしゅかく) - Castle tower / Castle keep
天狗 (てんぐ) - Tengu, heard of these little goblins before but never seen the kanji.
十二単衣 (じゅうにひとえ) - A ceremonial 12-layered kimono
袴 (はかま) - Traditional skirt/trousers
わらわ (妾) - An old way of saying I / me
コノシロ (鮗) - Dotted gizzard shad (fish)
小姓 (こしょう) - A noble’s page (helper)
三方 (さんぼう) - A stand for offerings to the gods
本丸 (ほんまる) - The centre of a castle, the inner citadel

稲荷神社 (いなりじんじゃ) - Inari Shrine
松江城 (まつえじょう) - Matsue Castle

一生懸命 (いっしょうけんめい) - as hard as one can, with utmost effort - this is on WK, but I’m putting it here because I keep forgetting it and I’m hoping that seeing it in the wild will help me remember or so I hope.

A lot of good words to end the challenge on, it’s sad to see it come to an end but this was a lot of fun! I’m gonna try and keep the reading up until next time, but I might skip weekends while the challenge isn’t going because it’s hard to fit the time in.

I’m gonna miss reading everyone’s posts each day. But congrats to everyone who’s participated, it’s been great to see how much progress everyone’s made, hopefully see you all in the next challenge! :raccoon: