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・サイレント・ウイッチ 沈黙の魔女の隠しごと (0% → 8%)

I dropped the book I was reading (for the second time) and started a new one.

This last week has been out of ordinary for me

Potential future work place contacted me and booked me a flight to meet up and eat dinner with them. Sponsoring my whole trip too, it was incredibly generous of them. However, unrelated to job stuff, I made one mistake at the airport. I picked up an English book at the bookstore and turns out it was too good to put down. I quickly finished the first book on very little sleep and turns out there were sequels just as good as well. Coupled with the Japanese book I was reading not intriguing me anymore, it was a dangerous combo to my ‘read :sparkles: Japanese :sparkles: every day’ habit. So that’s why I’ve been gone for a week :see_no_evil: :caught_durtling: I was still reading every day even if not JP, hahaha lmao

Regarding new (JP) book, it seems cool. It’s also ironic how in the past I’d relate to the MC on a deep level, but not so much anymore. I no longer experience a lot of social anxiety in my daily life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (That doesn’t mean I don’t cringe in retrospect when weird stuff happens tho, haha)