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・薬師と魔王(上) (84% → 96%)

Almost done :eyes: Good thing l bought 下 while sale campaign was still going on bookwalker.


:brain: grammar :brain: grammar :brain: grammar :brain:

this might not be what you wanted to hear, but sometimes my brain does that to me too :eyes: :sweat_drops:

I know you wrote it mostly in jest, but I’d like to share my experience with learning grammar on Bunpro. Learning the basics of all grammar is good for a general overview, and even if it is because you remember the sentence to some degree, it definitely helps when you come across the grammar again in the wild because you can now recognize it on some level. You don’t have to wonder “what’s with the grammar in this sentence?”. Instead, vocab will be the next bottleneck. So reading a bunch along with grammar studies definitely helps (you probably knew all of this already).

I don’t know how it works on Renshuu, but when the grammar point comes around for burn review on Bunpro, I don’t always remember something I learned months ago and that’s fine. I get the opportunity to fresh up on the details again (sometimes much needed!) and do some ghost reviews. (That is, the exact same sentence comes up for review a couple of times until I’ve slayed the ghost guru’ed the sentence).

So it sounds like you’re doing great! :brain: :magnet: brain does its sticky thing :smirk_cat: