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・サイレント・ウイッチ IV (66% → 100%)

I think the plot of this book took place in one single day. It was due to one big event – the school festival. It was pretty funny, especially the last chapter or was it the epilogue? It had a lot of teasing, haha.

Anyway, guess what? With this, the total number of Japanese books read is now a -nice- number :sunglasses:

I’ll make it a goal to finish one more book this year so it’ll make 70, and then the goal for next year will be 30 books, so it’ll make 100 :eyes: :100: :ok_hand: I’m very curious how it’ll go next year because I’m gonna graduate from uni in May/June and then start working full time. Probably not as much free time as being a student. Well, at least the workflow is probably going to be consistent because consistent work hours is a thing and not so much up and down as through a semester to the point where I can’t read some days (i.e. see my post from Oct 22 this challenge).

I hope the next book in the series can keep my attention because it’s literally called “IV after”, so basically a 4,5. Why’s that? あとがき in book 4 says it’s a collection of original short stories (not in the web version) that takes place after the school fes. I’m usually not a fan of short stories because they tend to be unconnected to everything else, but I saw a review on bookmeter saying it was a satisfying read, so… I’m giving it a try.