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・サイレント・ウイッチ II (43% → 100%)

I finished book 2 of Silent Witch. Things got too exciting when it was about time to go to sleep. It got very late.

This time before I started the book, I cleared the history in my Takoboto dictionary app. I wanted to know the amount of lookups. History list in the app registers all the words/entries I click from the search results (kanji are excluded, I think). I didn’t check the entire list, but I know not all of them are words that showed up in the book:

  • e.g. 深煎り from friend’s package of crunchy roasted almond pocky,
  • some entries are related to each other (丹精を込める vs just 丹精),
  • some I just clicked because they showed up in the search results (極超音速滑空兵器) :eyes: :joy:

With those included, there are 192 registered entries in the history list. (I could’ve made an own list just for this book, but that’s a huge waste of time for each lookup. Easier to just move them over to a new list afterwards.)

This book has 352 pages, so an average of one lookup per 2nd page? Not bad :eyes: I’ll check how I do for book 3. I tend to look up all the words I’m unsure of so I can be more sure next time. Good form of review when the word appears a second time in the book. (And then there are all the one-time words… That’s a topic for another time.)