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Grr, cdjapan will ship この本を盗む者は but don’t have any of the Yokomizo Seichi books…


Not near my laptop right now, but since us weird Swedes celebrate Christmas today, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree: :candle:


Not weird at all says the weird German :rofl:
Merry Christmas/happy holidays everybody! :christmas_tree::santa:t3:


Dec 24, Sat of Week 13 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • SPY x FAMILY Vol.4 Ch.18 (start volume)

The whole volume is about the cover? Also, almost all chapters are about one mission.

  • BU$TAFELLOWS (end of Ch.1, 6%)

Probably I overdid myself a little, wanting to finish the chapter. Not that I want to pay yet. Also, I haven’t yet explored “bad choices”.

Interesting words
  • もとい. Probably 基(もとい) = basis. I have only seen 的射(まとい) before, and of course, に基(もと)づいて.
  • たいそう = impressive / excessive. Kanji form is 大層(たいそう).
  • たらず = just under. Kanji form is 足(た)らず, and probably worth a grammar point.
  • なれあい = conspiracy. What someone else told to become, and needs to get used to. From 馴(な)れ合(あ)い.
  • チクる(.) = to inform a superior. Probably, being told on, then チクチク.
  • おさらい = rehearsal. From お浚(さら)い.
  • しゅぐ = equipment, like in gymnastics. From 手具(しゅぐ).
  • とっちめる = to teach someone a life lesson. From 取(と)っちめる / 取(と)って締(し)める
  • ごくたまに = very rarely; very 偶(たま)に
  • グル = conspirator. 共謀者(きょうぼうしゃ).
  • 洗(あら)いざらい = entirely; without reservation. Also, 洗(あら)い浚(ざら)い
  • 唆(そそのか)す = to tempt; to entice. Kanji is from 示唆(しさ).
  • 欺(あざむ)く = to trick
  • 食(く)い止(と)める = to keep at bay
  • æ­ª(ひず)み = distortions; strains. I previously know of æ­ª(ゆが)む and æ­ª(いびつ).
  • 与党(よとう) = ruling party. Opposite is 野党(やとう). Sounding not that different, and both are in context.
  • 愛嬌(あいきょう) = charming
  • 強面(こわもて) = fierce look. Indeed, 持(も)つ.
  • 薄氷(はくひょう) = thin ice
  • 下見(したみ) = preparatory read-through
  • 犬種(けんしゅ) = dog breed
  • 鍵盤(けんばん) = keyboard e.g. of a piano
  • 颯爽(さっそう) = gallantly. Another vocab with the Kanji, probably 颯(さっ)と.
  • 抜(ぬ)け毛(げ) = fallen hair (of a dog)
  • 激(げき)ウマ = seriously delicious (うまい).
  • 対象外(たいしょうがい) = not subject to. Outside the scope of 対象(たいしょう).
  • 譲渡会(じょうとかい) = pet adoption fair. 譲渡(じょうと) is transferring of rights.
  • 成否如何(せいひいかん) = depending on success or failure. Of particular interest is 如何(いかん) part = because, depending out; and might be useful for later.
  • 腹(はら)を下(くだ)す = to have diarrhea. Probably like someone throwing a judging hammer at your guts (bowels).
  • 二足(にそく)のわらじ = wearing two hats at the same time. Also, 二足のわらじを履(は)く. 草鞋(わらじ) is straw sandals; probably used often in olden times.
  • もぬけの殻(から) = completely empty place (shell æ®»(から)). Probably nothing related to 間抜(まぬ)け.
  • 先手(せんて)を打(う)つ = to take the first move / to attack first


  • てちてち
  • にっと(笑(わら)う) = like ニヤニヤ
  • ギュッと(.) = in a cramped space
  • ゾッと(.) = shuddering
  • そこそこ(.) = reasonably
  • いざいざ(.) = come here


  • 嬌(キョウ)

    • Seductive charm. Probably like a tall-haughty (喬(きょう)) lady.
    • 愛嬌(あいきょう)
      • 愛嬌(あいきょう)を振(ふ)りまく
  • 颯(サ) (Level 52)

    • 颯爽(さっそう),     颯(さっ)と
  • 唆(サ) (Level 52)

    • 示唆(しさ),     教唆(きょうさ)
    • 唆(そそのか)す
  • æ­ª(ワイ)

    • 歪曲(わいきょく)
    • æ­ª(ゆが)む,     æ­ª(ひず)む,     æ­ª(いびつ)

:snowflake: :christmas_tree: December 24th :christmas_tree: :snowflake: (Home Post Link)

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays, everyone! :santa: :christmas_tree:

I ended up spending about 5 hours playing through Emily is Away <3 instead of doing a lot of studying today, and man that was a real nostalgia trip.

semi spoilery/rambly thoughts

I was in high school during that whole “fb official” relationship era back when young people weren’t (rightly) scared of having all this public facing info so that part really hit home, and then I especially appreciated a lot of the music in the playlists. It’s not the best music from that time period, but if you were a “hip” kid hanging out on youtube in the late 2000s/early 2010s, this is absolutely the stuff you were listening to (actually audibly cracked up being reminded of hollywood undead :upside_down_face:).

Making lil playlists to send to people might be a lost art now, I think, but it’s definitely something my friends and I did a lot of. I also never thought I’d get another chance to have a fun poke war in between sending messages with no looming guilt for using the panoptic tool for misinformation spreading that facebook/insta/meta has become again. (Although, even in the game, I couldn’t escape japanese entirely, Bad Apple!! shows up on their fake version of youtube with some japanese comments :joy: )

It really was a different era of the internet, no doubt about that, and this game captured that snapshot of time super well. It might only really impact people within specifically like a 5-6 year age range who grew up in a particular culture, but, hey, I am exactly the target audience here, and so it did.

Then I was still waxing nostalgic so I went and played piano for a while, dug out the some of the songs I learned back in high school and had a nice lil trip down memory lane.

But hey, it’s holiday time! Even I deserve to take it a lil easy sometimes! …but I still did a little bit of studying anyway


Good Words

気象庁「きしょうちょう」ー Japanese Meteorological Agency
滑る「すべる」ー to slide, to glide

退屈「たいくつ」ー boring, dull, tedious
醜い「みにくい」ー ugly, unsightly, shameful
こげ ー scorch, burn (黒こげ describing カップケーキ)


For some reason I remembered 2.43 being in hokkaido (I only watched the first episode or two, and I mostly remember a lot of snow, so that might be it), but nope! Nice to see more and more of these little connections popping up, really feels like my web of cultural knowledge is starting to get more dense. I was sorta wondering if there were any good examples of this dialect in anime/manga/books/movies but you answered my question before I even asked! I’ll give it another shot at some point and see if I can pick up on the fukuiben

ohoohoho this looks excellent (eventually), thank you for sharing :eyes:


December 24th

Today I read Chapter 36 of Happiness. Not sure why the mangaka chose to name it “Happiness” though, its consistently pretty harrowing to be honest :sweat_smile:

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But he looks so cool!

Also, no idea what kind of dog he’s supposed to be. The story’s fun though.


I immediately think of an Samoyed (サモエド)…

They’re big floofers. I see them around sometimes and it appears they’re around in Japan as well


Overshot this week’s schedule with my two favourite book clubs this week.

24/12 32 pages シャドーハウス (both chapters, didn’t count blank pages as reading, then started next chapter; skimmed another 16 pages)
31 pages Spy Family (whole mission) plus 9 pages next

I was already thinking I may read ahead with シャードホウス, and with the break coming up and an intriguing point in the story I’ve basically done this. The extra bits I’ve read have answered a few of the overarching questions in the story but possibly posed more.

I read a few extra pages of Spy Family but probably will pause now till next week, and read the other clubs instead.


Home post :bookmark: // :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf: Dec 24 :snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree:

・ 封印再度 (21% → 25%)

Slowly reading along. Today’s a new book club week. Still a few pages left from previous week. I’ve watched a lot of JP content instead. I don’t think I’ll recover from falling into vtuber rabbit hole from during exam time. I kinda like it here actually




It’s just an hour early for my time zone but Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


he is a very good boi, the best boi even (yeah he’s probably a samoyed)

edit: oh! the wiki says he might be a Pyrenean Mountain Dog - Wikipedia, maybe some sort of mix?


There are even some short stories on the 2.43 official website (might have to poke around a bit, I found some in a few different places) to read—there’s even one that briefly features the dinos at Fukui Station!—as well as mini anime (including a 福井弁講座 series) and short audio dramas, though you may need to be somewhat familiar with the characters first. There are three novels currently with the fourth in the middle of serialization online. If you like dramas and character-driven stories, you might like it, and the novels are a lot better than the anime (though it’s still my favorite anime despite its flaws lol)



Since my family’s German, we actually celebrate xmas on the evening of the 24th, so I’ve already opened presents! It was mostly books, of course, and most of those English novels, although I did get a couple relating to learning Japanese and Japanese culture, and Amazon US actually had 魔女の宅急便 pretty cheap so I put that on my list and got it too!

Picture below:


From top to bottom, I got:

  • 魔女の宅急便 by 角野栄子
  • Star Trek: Section 31: Control by David Mack
  • The Book of Yōkai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore by Michael Dylan Foster, with original illustrations by Shinonome Kijin
  • Sensing Strange and Twisted Travels by M. Kuriel
  • The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  • A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green
  • The Complete Guide to Japanese Kanji: Remembering and Understanding the 2,136 Standard Characters by Christopher Seeley and Kenneth G. Henshall, with Jiageng Fan
  • a genkouyoushi notebook, which is a lot bigger than expected, which I guess makes sense since they want to give you the room to write the kanji properly. I write tiny though, and actually have a tough time writing big, so we’ll see how this works out.

There’s one more on the way, Making Sense of Japanese: What the Textbooks Don’t Tell You by Jay Rubin, which has apparently been delayed due to the weather. As long as it does get here eventually though, I don’t mind.

Yeah I just went through my Amazon wishlists and threw some books (plus two movies, Dragonslayer (1981) and The Last Unicorn (1982), figuring my mother might get mad if it was all books) that weren’t particularly expensive into a new list, absolutely not expecting to get everything, but then my dad just ordered everything off it, so. I mean, hey, I’m not complaining.

Anyway, today I read this week’s reading of 極主夫道, chapters 84-85. I also read like 2 pages of 夜カフェ. And then I got distracted by Six Four sitting there on my shelf, not even directly in my line of sight or anything, so I started reading that. This is, of course, the English copy that I picked up years ago when I wanted to start reading more mysteries but then never did. If I like it, I’ll be getting the original (and I’m only a couple chapters in, but it’s good so far). It’s cool though that the inside of the front cover has the cover image of the original:



Love that book :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My copy has a different cover though (two actually)


I like yours better :sweat_smile:


:frog: Home :phone:

December 23 and 24

人間椅子 -

23) 90 - 115
24) 116 - 133



Finally read Abbacchio’s death and damn, I cried so much! I thought he was killed when ignoring the kids, but no, he was actually helping them! I was too worn out after that part to read more.


I forgot I was meaning to answer this: 現代小説

That site has absolutely horrible browsing, though. I know my way around purely from using it a ridiculous amount let’s not talk about how much money I spend on audiobooks…

edit: Also Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates :christmas_tree: :santa:


December 24 :maple_leaf: Home Post

Well I wanted to finish off the main series ブルーロック that I have before I started anything else, and with finishing volume 21 today I’ve now done that so :tada: uncertain where I’ll go from here, but I’m sure I’ll find some nonsense to get up to until the next BU$TAFELLOWS section :joy:

Also happy holidays to you all, I hope you’re having a wonderful time whatever it may entail! :blush:

Edit: I did end up doing one of the natively polls, I’ll throw it here in case any of you wanna give input, shameless promotion :joy: "What should I read next?" Megathread - #143 by natarin - Reading - Natively Forums


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Day 45 Progress:
お隣の天使様 四冊 - 88.00% → 98.89% 四冊完成!!!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and other assorted holidays!!

Actual hilarious reading today where it was obvious the author had written their relationship into a corner with 真昼まひる basically pulling an insane, unforeseen, and uncharacteristic stunt by practically confessing to 周あまね in front of the entire school, siccing practically the entire male student population on him, and then forcing him to deal with the consequences. I got the romantic development I wanted but I should know better by now than to expect something actually well-written and engaging…

Word of the Day: 剣呑けんのん - risky, dangerous, insecure. What could be more dangerous than trying to swallow a sword whole?


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I was too busy even posting in this thread. Until the new year I will read some manga and play some video games and visual novels in japanese. Yesterday I read 75 pages of Kiss X Sis volume 3.

There are way to many sales over the holidays in japan. I bought too much and my backlog grew ones again.