📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2022 🍁🍂

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Final post of my challenge, a year too late :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m feeling much better, although not quite there yet in terms of energy. Managed to read a bit last night and stopped it at page 100. That’s where I’ll continue into this year. The challenges have helped me to read something every day, even if it was the tiniest of reads.

The results of it is that I was able to read for an entire year a big variety of stuff, although I feel like I had just scratched the surface and I’m only just now discovering what I like and don’t like in Japanese. There’s still so much out there I haven’t touched, especially when it comes to books. I’ll be taking this all with me into this year and obviously continue reading what I like. My approach this year will be a little different, as I want to kinda see what is out there and be less restrictive about it. Now that I know what I can do, I don’t have to proof it again. Still be challenging myself in new and exciting ways while sharing it with you all.

I hope 2023 will be a good year.