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Huh, I forgot I was nearly halfway through 明日をくれた君. I kinda doubt I can finish it before the year’s up, though. Granted, if I continue at this rate, I’ll finish before the week is up, but I ain’t counting on that lol. Anyway, I read a whole 43 pages (though the letters inflate the page count by ~3), reading all of ch 3 and leaving off on pg 153! I’ve never read this much of a novel in a single day, aside from when I read ahead in 夜カフェ① and read the last several chapters in a single day to see if I could, but that’s written for a younger audience than this. So that’s definite progress.

Some happenings this chapter

Midzuki likes cute things, but she’s the type of person who doesn’t seem like she would. It’s a little heartbreaking that even Kaito, her childhood friend—whom you’d think would know her better than that—thinks it’s strange for her to have/like cute things. In the next letter, Satou-kun asks her what kinds of things she’s interested in, and she says that she likes cooking, making sweets, and handicrafts, and confesses that this is the first time she’s told anyone because she’s always told that those sorts of things don’t suit her character, and he replies: “素敵な趣味だな.”

I don’t really get why people say liking cute things or liking to make things seems unlike her. She doesn’t seem particularly tomboyish or anything. She’s serious and gets good grades, and she’s shy and/or socially anxious, and none of that points away from her liking the things she does. I don’t think she’s particularly athletic, either? In any case, she’s not in any clubs. The first time it was mentioned that she keeps that she likes cute things a secret because it seems unlike her, I was like, “What?” I dunno, maybe I missed something, or maybe this part just wasn’t very well thought-out/executed. Or maybe it’s just that she’s the POV character, so of course she seems girly to us since we can see her thoughts and feelings that others can’t, but maybe she seems less so, more cool/mature, to an outsider. I just wish we could see that more, or at least that the first mention that others think that cute things don’t suit her came a lot earlier.

It’s kinda funny though seeing her reactions to some of the things Satou-kun says. Like, after he asked her what she enjoys most about school (she doesn’t much like school; he thinks that’s a waste/shame), she asks him the same, and he says that the thing he enjoys most (not just at school but in his whole life) is this ongoing correspondence with her. And while it makes her somewhat happy, she just utterly cannot fathom it, even without factoring in the “生きてきた中で” part. She knows he likes her, and even she thinks a lot about him and her letters, even zoning out in class because of it when usually she’s so studious. Is it really so incomprehensible that he could enjoy it so much?

Or at least, I thought she knew he liked her, but here she’s wondering, “佐藤くんって、私のことが……好き、なのかな?” It turns out what he really said was, “俺はずっと君のことが気になっていた,” which isn’t exactly the same thing. She interpreted it as him wanting to be friends, and she’s only just figuring it out.

It’s also kinda funny that after her one positive interaction with Sugiura-kun last chapter, she completely forgets that he’s a delinquent. She only remembers after she runs after him and he turns to her with this kinda scary/intimidating expression and she quails a little at it. But he also seems to see her for who she is, so I wouldn’t mind if he were Satou-kun, but I’m 99% sure he’s not. They’re pretty cute, though.

Some vocab of note:

神無月 (かんなづき) [archaic, noun, adv.] This one’s interesting. It’s the 10th month of the lunisolar calendar, and in modern days is also used to refer to the 10th month of the Gregorian calendar (October), even though it actually usually falls in November. The 無 in this case is ateji for a genitive particle, making it “Month of the Gods,” just like with 水無月 (6th month of the lunisolar calendar; June) being “Month of Water” rather than “Month Without Water.” However, since this is the month that all of the Shintō gods gather at the Izumo shrine in Izumo, Shimane-ken, that means that there are no gods in the rest of the country, so that 無 is often interpreted as 無し rather than の, and in Izumo the month is known as 神有月 (かみありつき).
名残惜しい (なごりおしい) [い-adj.] reluctant (to part)
自暴自棄 (じぼうじき) [四字熟語, noun, な-adj., の-adj.] desperation; despair; self-abandonment
拍子抜け (ひょうしぬけ) [noun, の-adj., する verb (自)] anticlimax; letdown; disappointment; loss of interest
つゆ知らず [expression, adv.] not knowing at all (that); without the slightest idea (that); completely unaware (that)
他言 (たげん or たごん) [noun, する verb (他)] telling others; divulging (a secret); disclosing; letting out
言葉を濁す (ことばをにごす) [expression, サ五] to be vague; to speak ambiguously; to be evasive; to not commit oneself
自問自答 (じもんじとう) [四字熟語, noun, する verb] answering one’s own question; wondering to oneself; soliloquizing. This one’s meaning is obvious, but I like the sound and rhythm of it. (This is technically a word I heard—it was in a song I was listening to, リセット by 向井太一—not read, but shh)


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Spent most of today driving so not a lot of reading, just played a little bit of BU$TAFELLOWS until my brain decided it was entirely too tired :joy:


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Day 42 Progress:
お隣の天使様 四冊 - 73.15% → 81.10%

Finally something of note happened in the story today. I was wondering how long it would take あまね to stop being as dense as a brick but I think we’re finally on the precipice of something juicy… but maybe I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up because this volume has been quite adept at frustrating the crap out of me.

Word of the Day: 所以ゆえん - reason, grounds. Another very common Chinese word that I didn’t realize made it into Japanese! This one has a completely different usage though because 所以 is a conjunction in Chinese and a noun in Japanese but it was still interesting to see that it also has its own unique reading as well.

Replies, because I forgot them during my last update, and then more stuff happened

Thank you! <3 Sorry for the late reply. I’ll blame it on writing my daily posts so late.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve gotten so many comments about enjoying reading it (I wasn’t expecting that at all); everyone is so kind. :flushed:


Congratz! Well done, tanuki friend! :raccoon:

You taking a break from reading until January 1? Or just from posting daily? In either case, looking forward to seeing you next year. Happy holidays!


Thank you!! :smile_cat:

It was nice to see some conclusion at least, and tie up some of the plot points, even if it took awhile to get there.

Thank you! And thanks for making me aware of the existence of this video, it’s great :laughing:


Perhaps my avatar needs a tanuki hat too :thinking:

Thank you! And yeh, this was my first Soseki book. Glad I picked cats over pens :rofl:
Not sure if it’ll be what I read for the next challenge but I’m interested in reading Kokoro, I did like Soseki’s writing style - when he’s on point, he’s really on point, and his descriptions of things are nicely poetic, but the rambly conversations get a bit tiresome.

Thank you! :raccoon:

Taking a break from reading anything major now. I read random Japanese outside of these challenges for my own projects and such but I don’t really include them in my posts, unless I find a really cool word. So no more daily posts until the next challenge, I just need to decide on what I want to read next :thinking:

Enjoy the holidays!


For those of you who are looking for their next book to read, maybe the Advanced Book Club has something in store for you? The poll is live now!


Dec 22, Thu of Week 13 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • BU$TAFELLOWS (Ch.1, 2 more choices)

Time limit and time up? What about following the walkthrough? Also, I really can’t remember that well. Playing normally later might be interesting as well (if I decide to buy).

Handsome man ??? exuding threat from the beginning.

Interesting words
  • ふらつく = to get dizzy. From ふらふら.
  • いぶかしい = doubtful. Kanji form is (いぶか)しい, where is Kanji is also in 怪訝(けげん).
  • ひとえに = intently. A Kanji form is (ひとえ)に, which is also indeed 一重(ひとえ)に (but latter form not preferred by JJ dict)
  • ねぎらう = to show appreciation. A Kanji form is (ねぎら)う, otherwise (ねぎら)う.
  • ()めどなく = endlessly
  • 血溜(ちだ)まり = pool of blood. Making me think of 人溜(ひとだ)まり as well.
  • ()って… = to find one’s way through the crowd
  • (しゃ) = hut
  • 眩暈(めまい) = dizziness. Although I am not used to this form of 目眩(めま)い, somehow I could guess.
  • 飼育(しいく) = breeding, raising of animals
  • 縁故(えんこ) = social connection
  • 登用(とうよう) = appointment
  • 先達(せんだつ) = a pioneer figure
  • 健在(けんざい) = going strong
  • 口論(こうろん) = quarrel
  • 悪意(あくい) = evil intention; malice; spite
  • 保釈(ほしゃく) = bail. Also, 保釈金(ほしゃくきん).
  • 救護(きゅうご) = giving aid, like first-aid
  • 街頭(がいとう) = on the street
  • 同席(どうせき) = being present
  • 正念場(しょうねんば) = critical moment
  • 人一倍(ひといちばい) = more than others. One time more = twice, perhaps.
  • 白昼夢(はくちゅうむ) = daydreaming
  • 単刀直入(たんとうちょくにゅう) = straight to the point
  • 心神喪失(しんしんそうしつ) = insanity
  • 多重人格(たじゅうじんかく) = split personality
  • ()れっ() = popular figure
  • ()()く = to snap at
  • 見覚(みおぼ)え = remembrance
  • ()()ぎる = to go too far


  • ごそごそ = rustling. Sound of rubbing some stiff dry objects.
  • ちかちか = flickering; glittering (of camera flashes)
  • そわそわ = restlessly


  • (ウン)
    • halo
    • 眩暈症(げんうんしょう),     日暈(にちうん)
    • ()(かさ),     月暈(つきがさ)
    • (ぼか)す,     ()
    • 眩暈(めまい)

December 22nd

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Card Captor Sakura volume 2 – progress report

Yesterday: Read up to page 172.
Today: Read the last 20-ish pages, finished volume 2 (chapter 10). Began reading volume 3, read up to page 16.

The last chapter of volume 2 was hard to understand at times during the action scenes and Kero’s explanations on how the card (shadow) operates, but I think I got the gist of things.

The beginning of volume 3 was much more merciful in contrast because it started with Sakura introducing herself (yet again), so I knew most words already. :relieved:


I wholeheartedly agree :sweat: And that’s just one of the questionable relationships in Card Captor Sakura. Spoiler for the next 2 or 3 volumes(?): Toya’s former teacher just showed up. If I remember correctly, he used to be in a relationship with her while he was still in middle school (?) :cold_sweat: I assume, I’ll get to this plot point soon enough to confirm this memory…

Word or expression of the day:
日直 - (にっちょく) - day duty, day shift, class duty

Honourable mention(s):
大掃除 - (おおそうじ) - major cleanup, spring cleaning
商店街 - (しょうてんがい) - shopping district, shopping street


Managed to read quite a bit today somehow.

22/12 10 pages Orange, 18 pages Cells at Work (this week’s reading), 1 page おばちゃんたちのいるところ

2 clubs to catch up with!


:snowflake: :christmas_tree: December 22nd :christmas_tree: :snowflake: (Home Post Link)

After running into more kanji that I was having trouble with the last few days and then also seeing the wk sale was happening, I decided to bite the bullet and commit to a one year subscription again. I hit my goal of level 20 and then pretty much immediately quit both reviews and lessons, and that’s the day I committed to starting my reading challenges.

I do really still want to be focusing on reading, because a) words in context mean more, and b) it’s way more fun than doing flashcards all day. But it would be nice to eventually, at my own leisurely pace, make it to level 60 out of some sense of completionism. But if I have to make a choice between keeping my reading streak and keeping a review streak… or of there are days when I really just do not want to do flashcards… obviously I’m going to just read :joy:

Anyways, this is reading challenge thread, so here’s what I read today:

Good Words

懲りる 「こりる」ー to learn by experience
地滑り「じすべり」ー landslide
カカシ ー scarecrow

被害「ひがい」ー suffering, damage
看護師「かんごし」ー nurse, registered nurse
災害「さいがい」ー natural disaster
医療「いりょう」ー medical care

肌「はだ」ー skin
萌え「もえ」ー moe; crush, fascination (never seen the kanji form lol)
法事「ほうじ」ー buddhist memorial service
充電「じゅうでん」ー charging (electrically)

One of my friends suggested I try looking up climbing videos in japanese, and for some reason I’d never thought to look for them, despite knowing japan has both good indoor and outdoor climbing, and a super well regarded competitive climbing scene. Anyway, I rectified this and went down the rabbit hole, found some good active channels to follow. I’ll be adding those to my youtube rotation. Not a lot of real listening/reading practice in climbing videos, but more japanese = more better, and more climbing content = more better, so why not both at once? :laughing:


Bouldering grades in japan use a 段 system, it approximately lines up with the US hueco system like poorly drawn paint graphic below. technically it’s open ended on both sides, but a V0 in the US looks comparable to about 5級 in the videos I watched. I saw one video of someone doing 1段, and that definitely looked harder than any V6 I’ve ever seen. According to a wikipedia page with no source, there’s a V15 in japan that’s considered to be graded 6段, which is about the upper limit of bouldering. The hardest problems in most gyms are usually v10, which is around 3段 range it looks like.

As for vocab, it mostly lines up exactly with english climbing terminology, which is pretty unsurprising
蒲 「かべ」ー wall
課題「かだい」ー task, problem, challenge (here we’d call them boulder problems)
クリンプ crimp
ピンチ pinch (ex ワイドピンチ)
クロス is a cross (右クロス or 左クロス, depending)
ホールド are holds (ex 赤いホールド)
テクニック technique (ex a テクニックのピンチ課題)
スタート are starting holds/starting position
ブラッシュ brush
オンサイト on-site (i wonder if they have the same on-site/flash distinction, the 課題 he said this on looked like he had beta before starting, so maybe not)
ポケット pocket holds
動き and ムーブ can both be ‘a move’
釣る is also used for catching a hold (I think eng more common is to “hit” a hold but you could still say catch)
悪い for bad holds, bad moves, etc
修行「しゅぎょう」ー training, practice
スラブ slab (style of setting/ kind of wall)

For cheering on climbers, lots of 頑張って (or just ガンバ) and ナイスナイス, and plenty of ダメでした and 指が after your fall :laughing:

OOOOH I had been wondering about that 無 a while ago, actually. Ateji makes so much more sense!


I think when I’ve seen this trope done well, it has an element of self-fulfilling prophecy / vicious circle to it – the character hides their liking of cute stuff, and then of course all her friends and acquaintances don’t think cute things fit her image because what they see is the facade where the character has carefully removed all evidence that they have a cute-stuff side to them. (I’ve seen it done the other way round too, with a girl who really likes spicy and strong-tasting food but at some point in her past started pretending to like sweet food to fit in with a friend group.)


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・ 封印再度 (20% → 21%)

Read only a tiny bit. Took a lot of photos today, the weather was so nice.

I love taking photos of friends and family while they're using the camera. It's very fun.



Thanks. I’ve never seen the ‘ro’ character written like that though. I always thought it was a box?


December 22nd!

Today I finished Chapter 1 of Cells at Work. This weeks pages felt a bit less text heavy than some of the other weeks assignments. Not sure whether it actually was, or whether it just felt smoother because I’m starting to pick up some of the vocab now.

(Home Page)


It is but if you know the stroke order you can see how it looks that way.


I finished 体育館の殺人 because I just wanted it done and I’m low focus today. I’ll probably read more of the 赤川次郎 book I have going because some one is maybe about to be killed and that’s interesting. This one reads very much like a crappy 80s movie where all the actors were hired because they’re hot and it’s just an endless stream of high dramatics and getting different couples into bed with each other.

So yeah, it’s great.

you’ve just described the entire plot of おじさんはカワイイものがお好き :joy:

and…that’s an episode of 警視庁捜査一課長 :upside_down_face:



Yeah I spent a bunch of time today thinking about 蟻魔君は魔法使い, so I didn’t get much reading done.

I read/listened to ch 1-15 of 占い・藤鬼 on Satori Reader. I can pretty much read at the same pace as the audio, although I can’t exactly do just audio yet (there were a couple chapters where I listened to just the audio while putting away the dishes and then afterwards listened to it again while reading along, and uhhh yeah, audio-only did not go too hot). I recently did the lesson for 占い on WK though, so hopefully after this, I won’t forget the reading, because this was one word that I could never remember the reading for no matter how many times I looked it up.

I read 4 pages of 明日をくれた君に、光のラブレターを, leaving off on pg 157. Right after Midzuki was going to leave her reply inside the book (one that would kinda gently turn him down if her suspicions were correct that he does like her romantically) and found a letter already waiting: “もう、相原さんと文通できない.” But the next white-page break isn’t for another 12 pages and I need to be getting to bed because I have work tomorrow morning! (Also it’s currently 11°F with a wind chill of -7° outside and it’s very cold in my room too, even with my jacket and blanket. My fingers and nose are freezing.) Augh. Whyy can’t I read faster.


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December 21 and 22

人間椅子 -

21) 20 - 115
22) 116 - end (186)

22) start - 89

The :frog: :scissors: fight is so good but so gory jfc I forgot the amount of awful stuff there is in it.

Also I know exactly what comes next :smiling_face_with_tear: I’m not ready. I already tear up in the anime. How disgusting will I get with the manga as I have to actually read through it instead of just letting it play and wash over me? :sob:

On the bright side, just half of 59 and then 60, 61, 62, and 63 to hit my reading goal for the year. I guess I better get back to it.


December 22 :maple_leaf: Home Post

Just played some more BU$TAFELLOWS today, I’m past all the chapter one choices now so we’re making progress! At this rate I’ll almost certainly finish with a decent amount of the allotted two weeks left, so then I’ll have to figure out what else to read; I still have a bit of the last volume of ブルーロック I have hanging around, but then what? :eyes: Many options, maybe I’ll do one of those natively “what should I read next” things for funsies :man_shrugging:


This is the book I picked out of my to-read pile as my “should definitely be able to finish this by the end of the year” choice. I’m about halfway through it now, and it is indeed a good one.