📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2022 🍁🍂

:fallen_leaf: Day 54, 23rd of November :maple_leaf:

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Okay I wanted to read something else so back to DrDru’s stories I go! The first one was very short and it was about a cat on the way to a concert. It met a dog in London and now they’re going there together! In the next one they meet a chicken and then I lost the thread of what they were talking about. At the end the chicken ask them where they’re going and if they’re going per boat.

Re-reading it, it seems like the chicken is the waitstaff of the place they ended up in and it asks them what they want to eat. I also keep forgetting that かえる is frog, so I was really confused why they were talking about returning the food. But nah, they’re talking about how in France you can get frog to eat.