Reached level 7 in my first 57 days

I’ve had a 57-day streak so far & I haven’t really engaged with the community much so I thought I’d change that. Haven’t really been much of a writer so please forgive me for any composition mistakes. :sweat_smile:

I signed up in early June but didn’t progress much due to quarantine depression and forgot about it for the next 97 days. :sweat: In late August, I decided to try and resume my Japanese studies, tried out a few Anki decks for a bit & decided I liked wk better. So Sept 14th-Oct 10th I rushed through the first 3 levels and then subscribed & honestly it’s probably one of the better decisions I’ve made in life. Having to look up grammatical terms constantly has made me realize that I was incredibly interested in linguistics and after going through a few entry-level textbooks I’ve decided to enroll in a local college to study (and hopefully major) in it.

It was an incredible feeling when I started recognizing kanji and vocabulary on Twitter & other sites. Sadly, I gotta unsub for a while due to monetary issues but I 100% plan on coming back as soon as I can. In the meantime, I’m going to try and work through Genki I (and maybe Genki II, depending on how long I’m gone), although Genki’s dependency on group work is making me wonder if anyone has any suggestions for alternatives. Maybe I’ll make this a study log when I come back. :man_shrugging:


Keep on fighting😁

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