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That’s a lot of comments!

And can I just say that I often felt like I like it in spite of Subaru?

I think it’s just that the most vocal fans/people will often be the ones with the most extreme feelings on topics. In this case the ones who love everything and the ones who hate everything.


Usually it depends, but I’m pretty adamant about this particular point. Even though I myself certainly don’t love everything, despite how passionate I am about it.

That’s still valid.

And yeah, that’s a lot of comments. @icefang97 it’s your fault.


How to resurrect a thread 101
Make Re Zero great again


Well, I just finished volume 14 (the last volume I own), so I just gave it another try and almost immediately found this one:

I thought to post it since it may be useful to someone else as well.


Actually kinda perfect. I’ve been wanting to kinda look ahead a little bit and see if I can peak my interest for the part after arc 4. I feel like my favor for the cast as a whole just dropped after that arc

Roswall-From kakkoii to pathetic
Otto-Ok you got cooler (even though the anime did him dirty)
Lasagna Boy-Never really liked him to be honest

I saw some conversation earlier, and I gotta say I feel like subaru and his growth is not at all the center of re:zero for me. To me, the 醍醐味 of re zero is the world building. I always saw subaru as nothing more than a medium for us to experience the world through. The fact that he goes in to this world without knowledge and power really makes it easier to see how much lore and strength all these characters have because of the implications it has on him. To me his suffering is nothing more to me than the embodiment of the cruelty of the world and his happiness is just a manifestation of the kindness of it. To me, his entire character is really nothing but a lens to what I actually care about. The problem for me, though, was in arc 4 I just had a harder time empathizing with him which makes it kinda hard to feel like I’m experiencing the world through him, yknow. It kinda felt like his mental state was lacking consistency compared to before. Maybe the whole thing with echidna clearing his mind for him contributed to that feeling. Not to mention the best girl shortage.


Wait who’s Lasagna B… oooooh I get it!
Also he is literally 14, so it kinda fits, I guess.

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Honestly their naming choice for him probably contributed to me not liking him because I never took him seriously.

Also it looks like the next part isn’t exactly of major interest to me since it seems like the hoshin girl and her people are central and they’re probably the group I care least about. sirius or whatever her name is caught my eye before because of her character design, but I guess thats really it. Anyone who has read the next part can infom me if I’m missing any major players.

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