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So, it’s like it never gets better then :frowning_face:

I just had a look, but no. The summaries are vague (probably on purpose). They sound a bit like the blurb you would get on the back of a volume, but the content is different.

As I said to @icefang97, I was referring to those who have read the novels. And as @icefang97 said:

Imagine being in a life or death situation. The second person you care the most left you (Rem, after volume 9) and you committed suicide trying to save her (surely not the best psychophysical condition). You’re lead in a place you don’t know and you suddenly find yourself in a loop, continuously dying and seeing the people you care the most die, being attacked from two different directions in two different places. I bet that you would have a clear mind, able to think about anything and everything right?
I don’t mean to attack you, but my first impression is that you could be a bit more considerate towards him. :confused:

I mean, it’s not like I can’t understand him :joy:


I never pointed finger at you in my last post. I made sure to include that I wasn’t since I know we already discussed it.
I once said that because you told me you wanted Subaru to have a time skip and get strong.
The main point is that Subaru IS weak. Him being able to solve everything perfectly the first time is making the whole concept of the book (Not a spoiler but to be sure)死に戻り Useless.

Imagine being in Subaru’s place. He never got any good dead. He always suffers a lot everytime and can’t ask people to understand him or talk about it. How can you just brush it off saying he souldn’t think too much about it. It’s even more obvious later on in volume 25 When Rui can’t even imagine how Subaru is still sane.(Yeah I know it a later volume and barely anyone is that far so to resme the spoiler without spoling the author kinda show that Subaru went through way more than normal people can tolerate)
Subaru is a super complex character with many layers and to be honest, is so good. He obviously has flaw but all chara does. That makes him so much more real.

Some pieces of information are not presented the same to us and him. We have more information than him and we are not in a stressful situation like he is. We know a lot more than he does because we are in 3 person narrators.
Lots of hints are foreshadowed in the book and I don’t get them all. It’s the same thing. What is obvious for you is not for everyone.

Sorry to get heated up but Re Zero is my fav book and I’m really into it. I get that not every book is made for everyone but I believe Subaru is a great chara and fit perfectly into the story and the more you read the more it blends into the story.

I found a wonderful scene that expresses exactly how wonderful and deep his character is.

Volume 7 spoiler

I Hate Myself - Natsuki Subaru's Words - YouTube

Just this video tells me Subaru is such a complex character. This is why I never get people who hate him because he isn’t the super intelligent and powerful hero that gets everything before everyone, as some people wants him to be.(Again not pointing finger)

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

Edit: Please don’t take it personal I don’t want to start a war just explain my point of view. I might sound rude but know that I’m not :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a difference between being able to think about anything and everything (which I don’t think most people can do, even in perfect conditions) and forgetting critical elements.
Also, the stress factor feels really overplayed at this point. He sounds very rational at times, especially when he says stuff like “oh well, this loop is not the one, but I can still learn some stuff”. So he can literally do it.

I don’t feel attacked, no worries. It’s absolutely true that I don’t care about his feelings at this point (I stopped caring around volume 4 if I remember correctly).

Ah! Sorry, I think it’s a language based misunderstanding. That expression usually mean that there is someone you are thinking about, your are just not going to say who. But you meant you are not talking about anyone in particular, then?

I added some quotation marks, because I don’t think learning to ride or getting better at reading makes him “strong”. But then it happened anyway, so that conversation was actually moot, in retrospect :joy:

I think that’s shown well enough. The first death, he is catatonic for like an hour until he can get back on his feet. I get that. First couple of deaths show him feeling pretty bad. During that time, I was indeed accepting that he was not in the best state of mind for thinking clearly (I remember talking about it here). However, he has become a lot more detached about dying in the past few volumes, which makes sense, because it doesn’t matter. On multiple loops, ガーフィール even note how he find スバル scary because of his lack of fear of death. And that makes sense. But then, when the author tries to tell me “dying never gets better, it’s super traumatic”, I just can’t believe it.

I’m only talking about things he knows.

I don’t know, that sounds a bit like a run-of-the-mill angsty teenager with father issues, though? I do like the concept of having an average person as main character, but that’s kind of the baseline depth you should expect.

Right, I think my problem is that I do like the story too, but the main character is getting in the way of me enjoying it. Very frustrating.

Same as with @Ross_99, I didn’t take anything personally. And, also, I do realize that I’m not part of the intended demographics. In fact, checking online at the typical audience age, I’m very far from it… I wonder if I had thought differently if I had tried to read it 20 years ago… (well, it didn’t exist yet, but if I was 20 years younger, then)


Ooooooh I see. Yeah it can be used like this if I was a condescending person but I used it to avoid pointing you since I knew it wasn’t your thought. Well I will keep this one in mind. Thc for the info.

I don’t think run-of-the-mill teenager have that kind of introspection. I might be getting old though.

You were never that old in my head. I starting to wonder how old you can be. Not really looking for an answer since it should stay private of course.

We will have to disagree again I suppose. Let me add this to our long list of disagreement.


Well, that’s nice :slight_smile: I’m young at heart! (Maybe).

I’m not going to give an exact number, but I’m in the vicinity of 40 (let’s say 35-45), so 20 years ago, I was 15-25.

I don’t know, it feels like the same disagreement we had before? But, sure.

(Edit: also, I didn’t even come here to argue, I’m just looking for the abridged version of Re:ゼロ)


I don’t feel this is a particularly fruitful discussion. It’s not like someone can explain it and then others will suddenly start liking parts they didn’t like. It’s fine to have different opinions here, everyone looks at this with different lenses. That’s why I won’t discuss specific points.

This was the cool reply.
The less cool reply:

I love Subaru and I understand (not agree with) almost every single thing he does from the very start.

“Many” doesn’t really have any significance in the world of numbers. People who like ReZero usually like it because of Subaru.

If you really want, I can give you a summary I guess. The reason I’m not excited for this is because in my opinion the story exists for Subaru’s character really. I believe the plot is meaningless without appreciating how his character is growing from it. But if you really like, I can give you the summary version since it’s obvious not reading more is better for your health :stuck_out_tongue:


More like the mental health of others? I’ve mentioned it before, but I can keep going as long as I can vent my anger. (But I assume people are not asking to be on the receiving end of that).

I mean, that would work, I guess? However, I don’t really want to bother you with that. I just thought that it would already exist, especially considering the popularity of the series.

Ha ha I know this feeling but sometimes I just can’t help myself being passionate about stuff. We better leave it at that.

Yeah there is so many stuff happening I don’t know how you can properly make one unless you cut down everything but then it becomes dry. The beauty of the Light Novel is, yes Subaru, but also all the universe around and the foreshadowing/mystery in it. I feel like a resume just defeats the entire purpose.
Then again if someone can’t stand Subaru then maybe just dropping the story entirely would be better.


Yes please. I want the dry version.

I agree with that point.

But I want to know what happens.


Ha ha you’re right. I don’t mind discussing about it but not every book.

I’m sure it does. The wiki maybe… Or if you liked the anime then wait for a possible 3 season…
I thought about just looking at Subaru’s chara on his wiki page where you will get the entire Story since everything turns around him but you hate him so…
Maybe if you google Re Zero summary?

Well it all resolve around Subaru, we have his point of view so…

Yeah… I know the feeling I have series that I don’t like that much but I need to know the end.
Good luck with it

Edit: Which volume are you at?

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I did not watch it (nor do I like anime that much in general :sweat_smile:)
Also, it sounds like the anime is even worse in terms of Subaru-ness? :thinking:

I tried a bit before asking but it was either not putting things in chronological order (like the wiki, which does provide answers coming from way later in the story) or summarizing entire arcs in two paragraphs. So, I don’t know, I thought someone here might know a better one.

The world doesn’t revolves around him. We only learn about it with him, which is fine in itself.

I’m 1/3 through volume 13 right now.
So far, Subaru is doing fine in this volume.


I feel you! I was like that, but I understood that it can’t be helped. People relate to different things.

Apart from the vague volume summaries, there is a kind of a timeline summary, but that’s chronologically ordered and forgoes the connections between the events. I think it’s more confusing than anything for those who aren’t up to date.

I wouldn’t mind, as long as I have the time. It’s ReZero after all. Might be good as a refresher for me too.

I’m not sure how “dry” they’ll be until I attempt it. And not sure where to post them if anything.


I think it more because more people watch anime than light novel and since Anime is free than anyone just listen even if it’s not their genre.

Weird I was sure it would be easy to find. Then again only up to volume 16 is translated but there is fan translation…

Well arc 4 is one of my fav so maybe you will like it more than before.
Sorry can’t help you with summaries, especially since I don’t want to get spoiled

I need that skill. For some reason it always grabbing me ha ha.


It’s also my favorite in the series so far. I like that it’s a puzzle with a lot of moving parts. I’m basically like エキドナ, I just want to know everything that can happen. Except she actually likes スバル for some reason.

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If you’re on volume 13, then you know that it’s exactly because she wants to know everything that can happen. Her “fondness” of him is superficial, it’s the result of her thirst for knowledge. This is explored in one of the IF stories. You can see what would have happened if Subaru accepted.

In any case, it seems you’re still reading for now. I was thinking maybe the summaries might be helpful for people who are getting into the series in Japanese (most of whom are starting after the anime, so post arc 4), like what used to happen in other book clubs. If that’s the case, I might be able to afford putting some time into them, when I do, if I do.


It’s just different from human standard. That doesn’t mean it’s superficial. :thinking:
I am the superficial one. I have the same motivation as her to follow him, but I don’t like him for it.
I kinda want to read an IF story where he chooses ダフネ and just eats the world. (Not sure that would happen, but eh, one can dream)

Right, I bought the books until volume 14, so I might as well read them. I think that matches almost the end of arc 4? In any case, I’ll see how I feel when I get there. In general, it seems I can just power through a few volumes, then I need time to calm down, then some more warm up when I get back into it to get used to him again. Rinse and repeat.

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Sure. It was mainly to point out that “not even one” felt a bit too much hyperbole, even if just considering novel readers.

Cant really participate in the discussion without spoiling myself (only read the first three volumes); and I may want to watch the rest of the anime even after this because of the world and story :smiley:. Beatrice was surprisingly one of my fav characters reading, and the interactions between her and Subaru were great, at least.


In the subset of people who really really love ReZero, “not even one” is pretty accurate, so I understand @Ross_99’s sentiment. But I agree, in general it’s a hypebole, it’ll always be no matter the character/story.

Volume 15 is the end of arc 4.

Oh, the 1000th comment.