Re Zero book club home thread

The result of the poll are as followed. This week will be a break week for Christmas. We start volume 11 next week with the same speed.

@mrahhal If will counting on you again for the schedule for the next book. You can take your time it’s for next week.


リゼロ 11:
1: End of chapter 1 part 7, page 62 (50 pages)
2: End of chapter 2 part 5, page 111 (48 pages)
3: End of chapter 3 part 5, page 168 (55 pages)
4: End of chapter 4 part 4, page 220 (50 pages)
5: End of chapter 5 part 4, page 274 (49 pages)
6: End of chapter 6, page 321 (44 pages)
Average: 49.3 pages


Here is the week 1 for volume 11 !!!

Hope you are still reading with the book club.
Speed is the same as last time 6 week.

I will update the OP later but for now I think everyone is used to it so…

Good reading!


Finishing Chapter 1 of Volume 1, so I guess I’ll be slowly trying to catch up :joy:.

But I’m finally reading Re:Zero! It’s been a goal of mine ever since I started seriously putting time into Japanese a bit over 2 years ago, so it feels great. I think I put it off for too long cause I was just afraid of the difficulty. Yes, I know it’s gonna ramp up. Please don’t scare me ^^. But it’s actually going pretty smoothly; not having to look up too many words (with prelearning all the unknown freq 2 words, about 300-400 total).

Also feels good to read a paper book for a while. Maybe I’ll have to think about ordering the next volumes…


I don’t remember volume 1 clearly enough to be completely sure, but the difficulty felt pretty even throughout to me, so far. So if it’s not too difficult for you now, I think you’ll be fine. The beginning is usually the hardest part after all. :slight_smile:


That’s great, good luck! It was the same for me when I started too.


Yeah, it definitely is a step up from other LN I’ve read, but I’m enjoying the quality of writing. Of course I don’t get everything 100%, but it’s still fun. Seeing a bit more unfamiliar grammar, as well. Although most of the time when something is unclear, it’s not the grammar or words, I just can’t make sense of the situation or context :joy:.


Still don’t know if I should talk about it here but…

Re Zero Anime S2 P2 Ep2 Spoiler

We finally see Otto’s past. It seems like he was raised in Anastasia’s country.(don’t remember the name) To be honest Otto was epic. Then Ram beating Garfield in a punch out was surprising since she was beaten quickly against him in another loop.

The SubaruXEmilia scene was so well animated. Emilia was reflected in Subaru’s eye meaning he always sees her while her eye did not reflect anything because she does not see his love for her. When he says there is always a path you could see him and the exit in which light was coming throught. The blushing effect, the smoothness of the drawing the reflection everything was perfect. AND THAT KISS SCENE!!! It made me forget my Subaru X Rem ship for a bit. Me thinking it’s the perfect loop we see Garfield outside with blood on him. I was like welp… Maybe they are still alive? Maybe… Don’t tell me we have to loop that again!!! I wonder what will happen to Puck. Did he just die or he just disappeared and we might see him again and why was he not there for a while. PUCK!!! :sob: That Nagatsuki why is he so good. It been a while since I was that starved waiting for the next episode to come out.

Edit: I just found out that Nagatsuki Tappei commented on youtube the episode while he was watching it. It fun to see what the author think about the anime and he had some details to it. Seem like Otto comes form a village south of Ruganica named ピックタット. I recommend to people watching the anime to watch the author’s comment on it. It brings even more depth.


Nope. I wonder why you think so?

You mean the twitter live commentary. Yeah he has always done that from episode 1. He always has some great complementary insight to the episode. There’s also a translation of it on the rezero reddit after each episode.

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Still some anime spoiler

I thought about it because of the different style of building and cloths. It arabian style. I thought about Hoshin’s story and I linked merchand with Anastasia’s country for some reason. Don’t mind me.

Which mean I missed so many insight T.T. I was wondering why he don’t post often but when he posted there was lots of comments one after another. I will keep a eye on it now.


Yeah I was surprised by that too! I only know that he was from the south.

Here’s an awesome fanmade ReZero world map (all based on info from the novels):

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Nice map. I’m surprise it’s fanmade. I would except Nagatsuki to have one or to had release one.

There’s a few bits and pieces of small maps, but there was never a full world map in an official illustration, as far as I know. This is pretty old though and the novels have progressed a lot, so who knows.

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