Re: START (coming back after disappearing for 5 years) A Study Log

Agreed the JPDB would be lovely if it could combine with WK somehow, but I personally just add the Genki decks as “known” and blacklist any words I know I know already. Little bit of foot work on my part but worth it. You can configure it so I DOESNT teach you Kanji as I personally don’t like their method of teaching it.

As for Natively, so far their leveling has been accurate. At level 21 (natively) you’d know all the grammar points of Genki 1 and 2 and probably be around level 27 WK which would make reading よつばと fairly easy. Grammar is what really makes or break reading ability.

This year, I upped my grammar knowledge (any N5 I was lacking, and more N4), and joined book clubs in the community here. This pushed me to start looking up grammar I didn’t know. When I returned to Yotsuba, I was able to make my way through volume one, and understood a lot of it! Grammar was the big thing, but having an increased vocabulary helped keep me from having to look up every word. While knowing kanji isn’t necessary due to furigana, being able recognize some kanji is always nice.
What level would I be able to start reading Yotsuba? - #10 by ChristopherFritz