Rain and Japan

It was 2pm and rain was pouring hard as can be seen from the overlooking windows in our office at the 35th floor of Landmark Tower, Yokohama. The scene outside was hardly visible, except for the contrasting signal lights of the traffic and the aircraft warning lights blinking a top of buildings. It was calm, quiet, and refreshing. And then I tried to find the right Japanese word for this kind of feeling and apparently it wasn’t in my repertoire. So I asked my officemates but most of their replies had a negative connotation to it like ‘じめじめ’ and words that I have suggested like '穏やか、冷静’ meant something else. Apparently, they didn’t like the rainy season.

I have been searching the internet for a while to no avail. So how do you describe the rain for a pluviophile?


Perhaps the anime film 言の葉の庭 could help.


I watched that last year coincidentally during the rainy season and went to Shinjuku Gyoen right after to contemplate while the rain is falling. Unfortunately, I didn’t take note any of the descriptions they used. But thanks, I’ll revisit the film later.

That film is lovely, I think it might be my favorite work of his.


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