Railroad car example sentence

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One of the example sentences for しゃりょう is the following:

Hi there, I’m examining the railroad cars.

The kanji after の looked immediately familiar as I’d just learned means “decimal point” (and why the mnemonic for that isn’t “it means decimal, so it’s てん” I don’t know! ;)). I figured it might have another meaning but I can’t figure how the ones on jisho fit in.

Can some kind person break it down for me, please?

点けん actually corresponds to the vocab word 点検, which means “inspection/examination”

ただいま = greeting, can also be used to say “currently, right now”
車両 = railroad car
の = of
点けん (点検) = examination
を = indicates direct object/what’s being examined
しています = doing

Literal translation: Hello, I am doing the examination of the railroad cars


Aaah! Many thanks!

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