Radicals don't show up in lesson

Most radicals aren’t displayed during lessons. Not sure about reviews:


Does the error also occur when you disable all userscripts? If it works without scripts, it might be that a userscript is not yet working correctly with the new update of WaniKani.


That’s definitely a Reorder Omega issue. Can you confirm that you actually DO have some radical lessons to do?

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Hard to tell. I use Reorder Omega primarily to get new radicals off the table as soon as they are available, so I have a constant stream of lessons. I went through the 20 radical lessons from level 9 today, had this issue with about 16 or 17 items and now I am only left with kanji and vocabs. The kanji lessons looked fine though.

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Are you using the same preset for all lessons or switching between different ones?

Always the same preset, Radicals->Kanji->Vocabs. After the update, I had to switch it back and forth once, because it wasn’t working, but that was before the new Radical lessons.

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I’ll take a look next week and see if I can reproduce the issue

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