Radicals and locking kanji

So I just leveled up to 46, only 2 radicals and they are both kanji that I’ve already learned. Because I have to guru them, it’s keeping a kanji locked for me, sure it’s only 1 this time, but sometimes it’s more. I understand the point of locking some kanji for radicals but especially when it’s something you should know, it feels kind of pointless, and just delays kanji. I have no problem learning the radical, but would be nice to get the kanji unlocked.

I am on the fast levels, so these locked kanji won’t be unlocked until I’m on the next level, it’s just weird.

Similarly, I’ve always found radicals to be significantly easy and I feel like the standard SRS for it is kind of a long time.

Am I the only one?


For the most part I’ve always felt like radicals are easier because they’re simple and most of the time it’s easier for me to make the connection because there’s less leaps to make.

But yeah, I do agree somewhat with the whole “radicals being the same as kanji” thing. On one hand they’re pretty useless because, like you said, we probably already learned them and don’t need to be taught them again. On the other hand they’re useful because they can simplify mnemonics and a kanji made of two non-kanji radicals and one kanji radical might be easier to remember than five non-kanji radicals.

Yeah I do get the purpose of teaching them, but I just would like the kanji to not be locked in that case, that’s the part that I think is useless

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Hey I get you… but I think we should assess it from Wanikani’s perspective i.e. not everyone learns at the same pace. While it may seem pointless to bar the kanji ahead it reinforces previously learned content as the end goal isn’t just to get to level 60 it’s to assist with the ultimate goal of being fluent. So though it may be annoying I believe it’ll prove beneficial in the long run.

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the purpose of the ‘feedback’ section of the forum is the converse of this statement… (i.e., so there is feedback to WK about the user experience)

Generally speaking, I don’t worry about being slowed down by the site, because by Level 46 I’ve learned how to pace myself and monitor my own learning. At this point, I find lots of WKs radicals in the later levels to be useless and a waste of time (although I do understand the site’s rationale).

Having ‘fat’ as a radical in Level 46 seems strange.


Locking that single kanji isn’t slowing down my level progression, I have no issue with the speed, it’s plenty fast, I just think it’s weird to unlock a 46 kanji at level 47. If anything, getting a kanji I’m fully familiar with in its composition in my SRS queue would probably be a bit more beneficial. As another thing, you can choose not to learn a kanji that’s unlocked

I mean it really isn’t a big deal, but yeah it is just simple feedback. It’s just something I’ve found odd and worth discussing

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