Radical SRS - speed up guru stage

I find that I have “slow” learning and review periods when I’m waiting to guru radicals - at least for the past 3 levels this has been the case; before I was figuring out how it all worked and wasn’t paying too much attention.

It would be nice if the radical SRS to guru level could be either shortened or user-configurable.

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They’re currently devising a way of having different SRS systems for different items. This will likely include having radicals burn faster. It’ll presumably be out SoonTM.


I like the three and a half day wait, because it gives me time to spread out the kanji and vocab lessons over the next 3 days, instead of just two or one day. It helps to keep my daily workload low (usually less than150 reviews), while still keeping a 7-8 day level up schedule.


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