Radical never leaves lesson and review queue

I have a radical that won’t ever leave the lesson and review queue no matter how many times I answer it. Before it was the scooter one, then I reburned that one (I had been away for awhile so I resurrected a lot), and now the same thing is happening with the towel one instead. I am sick of seeing the same one over and over, and never being able to get to 0 reviews on my dashboard is annoying. Anyone know why this is occuring or how to fix it? I thought maybe it was the userscripts (I had open framework, double-check, and reorder ultimate 2 going when I first noticed it), but even after turning them all off the same thing is still happening. I do Wanikani with Firefox on my Mac.

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That’s weird. Have you tried clearing your cache and deleting cookies?

Also, can you reburn the item if you go to the item page? I think you can reburn resurrected items there. Otherwise, you could send an email to the wk team.


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