Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

I don’t know what happened, I suddenly have a hard time remembering stuff, that I’ve already learned. I’m doing unusual mistakes, some items look like I’ve never seen them before and therefore items keep bouncing between Apprentice and Guru.
I had some review sessions with 50 to 60%.
So I stopped new lessons last Saturday to get my Apprentice down, but it’s so slow.
I feel like my brain storage space is full (or maybe it’s just because I have to remember more items simultaneously, up until now I could live with 150 Apprentice, easily).

The good thing:
Even if I take this much slower, I still can reach 30 until end of the year.
Remember to not set you goals too high :o


I had that same issue around level 18 (and now again at 28). Just power through it and hold off on lessons (as you’ve been doing) until things are back under control. It’s just part of the journey!

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I’ve definitely had a number of kanji recently where I’ve looked at it and thought “I’ve never seen that before in my life”. Sometimes I’d literally just done a vocab related to said kanji. Brain wouldn’t recognise.

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I finally leveled up! At 37 days this was my slowest level. I went on a 7 day vacation and it was really hard for me to get back into the wanikani routine for some reason. :sweat_smile:


That often happens to me when the kanji is about to be burned XD

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I finally got my reviews back to 0.
But the last session was full of stuff I barely remembered. So I just hit them all back to apprentice 1, leading to an accuracy of 39% Ouch.
I now have 132 in apprentice, and I’ll not be adding more lessons until Monday. I’ll use the rest of the week to get everything back on track.
Then I’m thinking of slowing my lessons down to 10 a day again. Because that just seems to work best. It’s slower than I’d like. But I don’t need 100% in order to pass N2 and I’ll still be able to know all kanji anyway eventually. Just not in time for the test.

Meanwhile on Iknow, things are going way better. Haven’t been letting reviews get out of hand and I’m mostly remembering the things they throw at me. So I think I’ll add some new items there. I’ve also managed to increase my mastered items by 70. Not bad progress.

Study on grammar has come to a halt. But I’ve adjusted my planning to fit in the N2 book starting May 1st. So that ought to help put some more speed into it. But we shall see if I can uphold it.

Oh and most importantly (to me that is) I managed to get my Japanese PS2 working. So I can now play all those Japanese RPG’s I have waiting for me. I’ll start with Final Fantasy X as soon as I finish FFXIII on ps3. They really do help with practice.


I don’t think I’ve actually posted in this thread yet despite having leveled up twice since I put my name in…but I just hit 15 with my fastest level-up so far, so that’s nice ^^

I don’t really know what else to say in a first post, so I guess I’ll just go with goals/methods…?

I’m gonna try to go for N3 this December, and outside of WK I’ve been using Shin Kanzen Master N3 (Grammar), the Nihongo no Mori and Sambon Juku YouTube channels, and I also watch Terrace House with Japanese subs, as well as some VTubers I like. I’ve been reading a bit of Japanese news every day but NHK seems to only talk about corona right now so I’ve been looking for other sources…

But anyway! Good luck to everyone going for a goal - I know we can all do it ^^


I didn’t post in a while but:

Finally I am at the top of the lower (1-10) table! Like, not at the TOP top, but almost :see_no_evil:

Level 10
Days studied: 100% (78/78)
133 reviews per day on average.

I am a bit too slow for my liking, my goal was 8 days per level… but I just never manage and always end up at 9-9.5 days, despite religiously doing my (Radicals/Kanji) reviews as soon as they become available… but I’m just always short of 2ish Kanji to make the 90% at optimal speed :sweat_smile: and this means I am stuck for 2 days at the end of every level, before I can finally catch up on those two bastards grrrr


2020 JLPT I’m hoping to manage. Hopefully N2.

I have picked up most of my Japanese verbally, and have been speaking on and off for about 20 years. I am weakest with writing, which is why I picked up Wanikani in the first place, and I am thinking that once I reach level 40 or so I’ll have mostly corrected my weak points, so hopefully that will be most of what I need for N2. I am also thinking about using Bunpro, but not sure whether I want to spend the extra per month.

Any thoughts for those who have done N2?

You are in the same boat as me. Talking is good because years and years of normal converstations, but reading is my weakness. I scored high in the listening part but tanked spectacularly in reading and grammar.
I should have started earlier and stayed with studying a bit longer but life happens.
At least we are doing something about it now and I feel like I already understand more at work than before so some things have stuck with Wanikani.

Also, pick up a book like me and start reading, or do something else you like involving reading japanese more.

We can do this.

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What books are you reading? I picked up the Yotsubato for the よつばと! Reading club

Honestly there have been very few words (and no grammar patterns) I don’t know. But just the act of reading and recognizing Japanese characters is super helpful for me right now. When I see Japanese around me I am still at the point where my mind does not recognize it as words. It is just a blur. I ask my wife what it means and she says “you can read it yourself.” Oh yeah I guess I could.

Easy reading will hopefully get me to the point where my brain will interpret faster and without effort. Low effort enjoyable repetition is my strategy.

If I continued to study Japanese when I first started back in 2007, I would be an expert by now. But indeed life happens.

This too. GO US!


I feel this too, it’s very discouraging. But we should still try to read everything we see, even though we might not understand. The more you practice, the better you get at it.
And one day, we shall be reading novels like a pro.


Hi, I would also like to join. I started to study Japanese two months ago and joined wanikani last month.


Sure thing, we’re glad to have you! Add yourself to the leaderboard (there are instructions in the first post), and welcome!

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Had a very busy few weeks so I was a bit slower than before but now after 24 days I’m on level 17!


Finally did my kanji lessons and they just came back for the first review, still a 50% pass rate nowadays. But I’ll have it down soon.


100 day update!


Levelled up yesterday to 21, 7 days and 1 hour.


Got back to 0/0, yay.


Level Up!

Level 28 in 7 days 6 hours.

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