Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Starting the 現実 levels Mona Smug
Almost at the endddd :DD


:fire: Finally made it to level 55 :fire:

It’s also the very first time that I managed to do five levels in a single month:

I’m really starting to burn out with the amount of reviews, at one point a couple of days ago I had over 300+ apprentice items which - I’m quite certain - was a first for me. Just five more levels in December!

Since it’s advent Sunday, I’m going to aim for seven day level ups, which would get me to 59 by Christmas and exactly 60 before New Years.


It’s also the very first time that I managed to do five levels in a single month:

he said, posting a picture that clearly shows him levelling up six times in a single month. Also my seven day level up schedule won’t work, because it was already first of advent, so this would only get me to 59. I really should think first and then post later.

Anyway, this just means the pressure is even more on. Right back into the lesson pile I go.


Leveled up to level 41 today. I did not reach level 60 for the deadline, which was impossible anyway. But still this thread was really fun. Thanks everybody.

And to everybody who didn’t reach level 60 yet. Let’s work hard every day. We will reach the cake one day.


Is there a follow up thread?
Do I need to join a new one or keep updating in this thread until 60.


There are other level up threads that run through next year. I’m in Olympians XXXII (2021 - not the original 2020 thread)


This thread will finish on Saturday (tomorrow), right?


Managed to do one level on November, but still better than nothing I guess :sweat_smile:

I currently do have 150 - 200 apprentice and 800 - 900 guru items and they won’t go away.
Before that, I could comfortably do 10 - 15 lessons a day without things piling up, but currently I’m not doing more that 5 and sometimes even 0. I feel like I’ve been hitting a wall, I’ve got about 100 leeches in Apprentrice and 400 in Guru, and they keep bumping back and forth.


Sad times, all good things must come to an end :cry:


I’m a wanikani snail, that’s why I’ve created this thread as a follow-up for all wanikani snails:


Just hit

:snail: 56 :snail:

I missed my JLPT test that I was supposed to take in Tokio today, with the closed borders and whatnot. Which also means, that this thread has officially finished. :cry: Time for a post-mortem!

When I originally joined on level 3, my plan was to definitely hit level 60 by this time. I mean no problem, right? Some people do it in a year, so nearly two years should be easily doable. Let’s see how it all turned out:

Honestly I’m pretty happy. I could have done it, if not for my abysmal September, but my girlfriend got to visit with the borders finally opening the tiniest bit, so I think it was time well spent. And honestly, part of me never believed that I could stick with something like Wanikani for such a long time. I’m anything but consistent. I have no idea how I did it and I’m fairly certain, that @Kumirei has a huge part in it, with her dashboard script showing me my current daily review streak. If not for the streak, I would have certainly fallen off the wagon.

Well, it was nice meeting up with everyone in this thread! See you all on level 60!


I’m also here for my final level up post in this thread! My original goal was to have everything burned by this point, I could have made it, if I hadn’t reset in January :slightly_smiling_face:. But at that time I wasn’t having fun with WK anymore, a lot of things were happening in my life outside of Japanese, and ultimately I think it was the right decision for me to take a step (or 51) back.

The new goal of forty I only missed by about a week (level 39 now :partying_face:)

Thanks everybody in this thread for the encouraging words, and sharing your own successes and struggles along the way! I hope you are all happy with what you’ve achieved, even if it wasn’t the original goal!


This thread definitely helped push me to 60 - my original goal had been 50, but my travel plans for the year got kind of derailed, so I had a bit more free time!


Probably the last level up in this thread I’ll get. 46 now. I looked it up in wkstats and I have learned over 1500 kanji.


Thank you for joining this race! Congratulations to everyone who achieved their goals! Good work to everyone!

I hope to be a bit more active in the new year, and see you guys around!


Targeting to have level 30 in 2020, but I exceed it to 33 now.
Not sure whether it is the most effective or not, but I just signed up for lifetime membership. I hope that this is the best way.


This is the way.


I failed. I made it as far as level 18, which was more Japanese than I’ve ever learnt before and it’s really been so helpful for me.

In July I started to have these constant migraines all the time and I just can’t concentrate for long enough to keep up with my reviews. I was doing 10 a day for a while but sadly I missed a day and broke my streak.

So I decided that a reset back to level 1 would be best, and this seems like a good time. I can build back up slowly and it should be easier going for the first few months going over the Kanji I already learnt this year.

Just want to say thanks again to everyone here for all the help and encouragement. I also decided to get a lifetime membership so you are kind of stuck with me now! :joy::joy::joy:


Sucks about the migrains, but good job keeping WK in your routine even a little bit. I also missed my goal, because I reset in January. I’ve been able to build a better routine this time around. Hope you can do the same.


Haha I really wanted to hit 40 by the end of the year. As it stands I’m gonna hit 39 at 7pm tonight. :expressionless:

All of my delays were for good reasons, but still…damn