Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Level 23. Yaay…
22 was a bit boring to be honest. I see some pretty useful kanji in this level so I’m looking forward to those.


So boring I need to wait until tomorrow to level up. I should probably read some manga in japanese today. I think I bought too many in the bookwalker summer sale.


Welcome on Wanikani !

Just for my curiosity, can you explain what are you doing in your weekly japanese course?
Do you follow a specific book ? How your courses are structured?


Also Welcome ! o/

I don’t know about the youtube channel, but if you only have the book it’s hard to learn alone, it’s better to have a teacher with those books.


Sooo, for myself I am coming back after… 75 days on the same level :cold_face:

After hitting level 20 I was so discouraged by the vocabs remaining after 100000 reviews for level 19 and the kanji and vocab getting more difficult and abstract. I was wondering why I put that much effort for not progressing anymore (I also ragequitted to have broken my streak of 170 days).

I slowly started bunpro after buying Kanzen Master Books, because I like the quiz system when actually learning the new grammar points with my books.

So, I am coming back, after progressing with grammar and my big pause, I get back my motivation and slowly come back in track.

The only problem is : I had 900+ reviews waiting for me yesterday and now I have this :

Is this pain ? :scream:


You’ve got 33% fewer reviews today! :partying_face:

I’ve fallen behind a couple of times recently, and when getting out of a review pile I often find it’s really helpful to feel like I’m moving forward. If the pile is more than I can manage then I try and focus on doing more reviews today than are scheduled for tomorrow. That way I know that if I’m not going to make it to zero, that I’m still getting closer each day. Kept me closer to sanity :sweat_smile:


Hi, for basic I really go to standard Japanese course using the famous Minna no Nihongo and the course is very structured in terms of grammar and topic. It has listening, talking between classmates, and writing which includes all aspect.

After I reached certain level, I know I need to do more and find way other way to study. So, I went to Japan and confirming that if I go to the next level, it would be more toward reading grammar which is hardly used in daily conversation while I have not mastered on using all of the grammar I learnt. So, I tried to understand book that only write conversation.

After returning back, I search course that focus on conversation. In the class, sensei does not use book. One page of it could be used for 2 classes which is only used as topic reference. It does not give chance for communication between student but the teacher explain a condition and ask each student to answer and correct each single student. Whatever sensei said that we do not understand, question is raised, so we learn new vocab. I realised that the vocabulary that is used is a common vocab I found in drama later on because it does not refer to as book.


Hit level 28 in 17 days and 2 hours!

I’ve felt like I was close to level 30 since I hit level 20. I thought I’d be more motivated at this point by being close to level 30, but I’ve felt close to level 30 for so long that it feels implausible that I might actually get there one day :sweat_smile:

Inching closer though!


Okay I’m level 23 now. I should probably spent more time learning
japanese but I was pretty lazy the whole week.

There were just too many sales so I have lots of japanese reading material now. I should probably update my bookmeter account but I don’t know how to use that site that well yet. :sweat:


Decided to try and get to level 26 by the end of the year!
As I just leveled to level 5 and there’s 21 weeks and 6 days left on this year, I think is a good challenge for me. I’f real life gets hard I will be happy if I’m at least lv 22.
Again, a lot of the vocabulary and kanji I know from before, but I’m expecting to start to feel the scare soon… Really excited about it too!


二十六 → 二十七 in 13 days 21 hours.
Just 3 more levels to 30 :raised_hands:


Left hell behind.

Got 150 lessons as a present. I’ll start chipping away tomorrow again.


Levelled up to 41 in the early hours of the morning - 6 days and 23 hours.

Next week I’m hoping to be camping in the middle of nowhere so it’ll be a longer level.

I still haven’t decided how I’m going to approach the fast levels. I need to tackle some leeches if I’m going to go fast!


I finally made it through level 44 and reached 45! Even though it was a fast level, it took me nearly ten days and many days of 350+ reviews and I still haven’t done most of the vocab lessons of this level, so it will take a while until I can actually get started on the new Kanjis. The previous fast levels lead to a huge guru pile and a lot of guru reviews just came straight back to the apprentice pile, which lead it to rise to 270+ on some days, despite me not doing any new lessons for the last eight days. :disappointed_relieved:

But I stuck with it, cleared my reviews as often as possible every day and now got the worst behind me. I’ll take this level slowly as well, another ten days or so before I fast level 46 again. It’s very easy to overwhelm yourself with these fast levels, I’d be careful @Cathm2. I have at least two people on my personal leader-board that overtook me near the end of the 30s that both seem to have stopped any progress around this level area for weeks now.

Edit: Just realized that I’m now 3/4th of the way. :tada: I think I’ve stopped worrying about whether I’ll make it to 60, it’s just a question if it’s going to be before Christmas (my personal goal) or 2021.


Level 24, 8d 1h again.
A big portion of kanji I ran into recently were either lvl 24 or 25. So I have expectations from this one.


So I’m level 24 now this time it took me just 7 days and 1 hour.

Finally I burned my first durtles.


It annoys me, that every time I try to do more than 10 lessons a day, everything crashes down on me. Two weeks ago I had two days where I did 15 instead of 10 lesson, specifically to be faster with the Kanji lessons. Since then I keep on failing reviews in a big way. I currently have 83 leeches in apprentice and 299 leeches in Guru.
So like every time this happens, I reduce the lessons to just 5 a day and do leech training at least once a day :expressionless:
I guess 60 will have to wait a good while longer.

At least I’m currently managing to do my Bunpro reviews daily and I’ve finally overcome myself to start Genki II (already finished the first chapter).


I personally never worry about leeches and do nothing specifically to combat them, except whenever I feel like I’m getting a specific item wrong often, I’ll take another look at it and maybe try to come up with another mnemonic. So far this seems to work for me, also I noticed that an effective way to memorize a leeche is to encounter it in the wild and have your brain go “Ah, that’s the one that was giving me trouble” and then usually after that I can remember it.

Doing bunpro daily is definitely a good thing though.


Hit level 29 today! Getting very close to my December 2020 goal of level 30 :slight_smile:


Became Level 20 on May 12, 2020. Just using this comment as a benchmark.