Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Finally started level 27 today! Got a bit overwhelmed during level 26. Twice I hit over 800 reviews then ended up doing nothing for a few days and getting back to the same point. Each time though as I had missed reviews my accuracy went down.

Finished the vocab though and waited till I had no days with over 250 reviews in my week forecast before starting any new items from level 27. I quite like doing new items quickly during a level as I feel like I’m gaining momentum, having the kanij fresh in my mind makes the vocab easier and it’s quite motivating. But sticking to no more than 20 new items a day, and waiting to start items from a new level till reviews are under 250 for the next week feels like a good compromise.


Still here dudes. Made level 17 today, did this level much quicker than the last few, might have to take it easy with the new vocabulary over the next week or so to keep my apprentice items manageable.


Level Up:D this time is just for 8 days for the first time after knowing the trick!
After just missing one time in a day, ruin 7 days target. Still has room for improvement next one.


Finally level 22 just 38 more levels to go.

Of course there is still lots of things to learn like more japanese grammar. I did the right thing and did a reset on my bunpro account and started anew. Already managed to learn 70% of N5 grammar. It seems my listening skills also improved a little bit.


I’ve been investing a lot of time into bunpro recently as well and it’s so worth it. Not only do you learn grammar, it helps you get so much reading done every day and it synergizes so well with Wanikani. I wish I had studied bunpro as diligently as wanikani over the last year.


So I just had a level up in 4 days and 1 hour … holy fuck that leaves you with 150 new lessons in a single batch. I think I never had so many lessons waiting for me. I’m doing them in batches of twenty over the day, but I think I won’t be able to get through all the new vocab and kanji before tomorrow evening. I really don’t like to not 0/0 every day but it’s just not feasible to do all these lessons in one go :sweat_smile:


Hello everyone, this sounds fun! Count me in! :high_touch:
I am planning on taking N4 this December, which is why I joined WK in the first place.
It seems like level 27 wk is the minimum requirement for N4 kanji, so that’ll be my goal.
Let’s give our best & reach our goals ! Fight-o!


Good luck!

Level 27 is a great goal but it certainly isn’t the minimum for N4, that’s when you’ve covered 100% of the Kanji used in N4. (At least according to old lists, they don’t publish the lists of Kanji used in the exams anymore but the old lists are still a good ball park)

You hit 95% of the Kanji used by level 16, so you should have a pretty good shot by then (:


What @origamipaperclip mentioned is absolutely sure for the kanji section, so be sure to allocate enough time for grammar studies, reading practice, and listening practice!


If you haven’t discovered it already - bunpro.jp is a very good resource for studying JLPT grammar specificially! If you reach level 16 by december and do all the bunpro lessons, you should be easily able to pass!


I’m actually still on the look out for grammar & listening resources which work best for me. I’ve subscribed to Minna no Nihongo on YouTube, but somehow I feel like there aren’t many example & find it hard to follow along. Will give bunpro.jp a try & see if it does the trick, thank you !


Yayy! That’s good to know! I’ll be a bit ambitious & hope to ace the test then :wink:


Level 21! I completed the pain levels and entered the death ones.
At this point keeping up the speed hasn’t been easy. While levels 13-15 were fairly manageable at around 8 days per level, 18-20 weren’t exactly easy. I feel leveling up every 2 weeks is more doable. Slowly but surely, lets get there!


Level 40? How am I level 40?

Anyway, managed it in 6 days 22 hours. Roughly 2/3 there?


Reached my 300 day streak yesterday.
Not log until the full year.

I’m planning to reach 30 by end of September/beginning of October.


Level 23. Yaay…
22 was a bit boring to be honest. I see some pretty useful kanji in this level so I’m looking forward to those.


So boring I need to wait until tomorrow to level up. I should probably read some manga in japanese today. I think I bought too many in the bookwalker summer sale.


Welcome on Wanikani !

Just for my curiosity, can you explain what are you doing in your weekly japanese course?
Do you follow a specific book ? How your courses are structured?


Also Welcome ! o/

I don’t know about the youtube channel, but if you only have the book it’s hard to learn alone, it’s better to have a teacher with those books.


Sooo, for myself I am coming back after… 75 days on the same level :cold_face:

After hitting level 20 I was so discouraged by the vocabs remaining after 100000 reviews for level 19 and the kanji and vocab getting more difficult and abstract. I was wondering why I put that much effort for not progressing anymore (I also ragequitted to have broken my streak of 170 days).

I slowly started bunpro after buying Kanzen Master Books, because I like the quiz system when actually learning the new grammar points with my books.

So, I am coming back, after progressing with grammar and my big pause, I get back my motivation and slowly come back in track.

The only problem is : I had 900+ reviews waiting for me yesterday and now I have this :

Is this pain ? :scream: