Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

I would normally do that but I didn’t want to slow down, so I had to end up pushing through the pain. I have my level up to lvl 25 on Thursday. Tomorrow is mostly a free day. I’ll have to deal with a bunch of reviews all day today and tomorrow but it’s finally done!


Wow! I feel for future you :joy:


Hit level 22!

This last month has been really good for Wanikani. I may be going gradually insane in lockdown and getting nothing else done, but at least I’ve learned some new kanji :wink:


My long Lv 30 post:

It’s been more than 7 months since I started Wanikani, 5 months since I started BunPro and 2 months since I started studying vocabulary on Anki (should have done it before when I actually had time…).

I tried finishing off my backlog in March, but between Anki and the start of the semester it’s been harder than I imagined. I still don’t understand how people with full time jobs or kids can do this.
Anyway, my Japanese experience is currently on a weird phase. I have moments where I suddenly and unexpectedly understand stuff (sometimes just random adverbs, sometimes complete sentences). And depressing moments where I try to but either can’t remember the kanji used or have never heard the words.

Once I finish the Kana subdeck (how many bloody onomatopoeia do Japanese people use? ガヤガヤ, ガラガラ, ゲラゲラ, ガタガタ, くるくる, ぐるぐる, ぬるぬる…did they just combine all possible Kana?) I plan on studying more words with simple kanji (Lv 1-20 here on WK).

But, as a completist, I’d like to finish this kana subdeck first. The sentences have also been very useful. While I was focusing on the kana words being taught I was also able to learn (visually) some kanji I hadn’t seen on WK yet (靴, 並, 湖…). It was even more useful in making the ones I had studied here stuck for real, I guess I can count that as reading for now…

At the same time there’s real reading. My first real attempt (2 months ago) was too frustrating. I plan on retrying in a couple of months (when I’ll have more free time and be better equipped).

I have been going faster than originally planned. According to WK stats maintaining 7 days/lv (even during the fast levels) I should still make it to 60 before the end of the year (ギリギリ).

It all depends on the next couple of months. The exams are coming. If I can’t finish off my backlog of WK lessons before the end of May (yes I am still fighting against that), I’ll have to decide: stop levelling up for one month and/or stop adding new words on Anki.

If I manage to survive these two months I’ll change my goal to 60 :crossed_fingers:.

Let this be the longest May we had in centuries…

Since you guys love graphs and diagrams:


The 7 days and exactly 0 hours is by chance. I guess that’s what the people here call a routine :joy:

Anki, coincidentally half of the subdeck here as well

P.S. Did someone change WK’s difficulty to Hard after lv 20? Vocab is not what it used to be anymore…


Well done for hitting level 30!

What Anki deck are you using?


This one:

The images are pretty much useless. But the deck itself is great, it’s the usual 10K rearranged by Hinekidori. You can also find it in his threads or under Anki decks in the The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!
It’s quite heavy though (50000+ cards, although there’s a lot of repetition).


Well done on level 30!

I’m considering changing my goal to 60 as well, haven’t quite committed.

I started with a couple of absolute beginner books a little while back, really struggled at first but am now finding it useful especially with grammar.

Oh, and I hate katakana with a passion.


Alright decided to join up. Shooting for level 40 by December. It might get kinda tough at the end of summer if the Seattle schools are back to something like normal, and I have a regular work schedule again. But hell, lets go for it!


Looks up punishment in the dictionary:


Level up! 25! yay


@MeowMashiro Happy cake day ! :partying_face: :triumph: :cake:

Ok I am late :eyes:

And good job all for your level up ! :smiley: You are going great !


Needed that. Busy with work so piling up reviews this week…


Just hit level 37! I finally got out of the slow and rough patch of getting back into reviews and got back to a good routine.

I ended up resetting my N4 progress in bunpro (I rushed myself to 100 terms for my trip in march and my ghost count was way too high), but now I’m learning about 12-18 grammar pieces per week until I’m caught back up, and I intend to slow down and look for clarification if my reviews fall below 90% before moving on again.

Aside from that, I’m still roughly trying to do a level per week and learn 30-50 vocab terms on Torii (I found that I really like learning words ahead of time before I encounter them in WK because it makes the kanji readings a lot more recognizeable).

Additionally, now that I’ve reached summer break, I’ve been pushing to do 10-15 minutes of listening practice or 15-30 minutes of reading practice per day. I haven’t gotten too far into it yet, but I’ve started to use tracks from genki I for listening and I got some N5 and N4 graded learning books so I have sufficient reading material to work out on my own (Maybe I should finally push to join a reading club :thinking:)

Either way, I hope I can keep the pace I want in order to reach N3 proficiency in time for the December JLPT! It still feels quite daunting, but it shouldn’t be impossible with the position I’m in. Currently, my short-term goal is to have all N4 Torii vocab and Bunpro grammar learned by July 25 (my 1yr anniversary of starting WK!), with hopes to be a proficient N5 listener by early July as well.


Level 30! Exactly seven days.

I may have a slightly longer level next as I have an international flight coming up. May actually make it home!


Are you stuck somewhere right now? I hope you’re alright!

I’m in the UK - I’m English but live in Australia. I’ve been staying with family so it’s fine. But need to head home at some point!


Ah so you got caught caught by the lockdown while visiting family I assume. Safe travels and I hope your flight goes as planned!

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I have leveled up 20 !
Next level before going to death :skull_and_crossbones:!

For this year (2020):

I am not that consistent on leveling on time, but I really come everyday to do my reviews. So, I am really happy of my state of in-consistancy :smiley:

At first when I joigned this race, My real goal was to be 35 for end of 2021 (for taking JLPT N3 in December) Now, I think I can be 35 by the end of 2020 and try to take N3 at the July session. Maybe at the end of 2021 I will try to have the level for N2. :slight_smile: I will need to work harder for that, but I can do it :triumph:

@Jaakkokinko I am happy if I gave you some motivation to burn all that turtles :smiley:
@Cathm2 I hope all will be fine with you :slight_smile:


21 to 22 in 16 days and 22 hours.
Could have done this in 15 days, but I got the 済 Kanji completely mixed up :expressionless:

I’ve now reached a milestone: Exactly 33% (712) of the Joyo Kanji on Guru+.
Next milestone: 50% Joyo, here we go!


Level 30 check in! Exactly 8 days again :sweat_smile:


So I finally reached level 13, right now it seems like it’s getting easier and easier to remember kanji. Learning grammar on the other hand…

I hope you are all doing fine, let’s all reach the goal together.