Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

The main increase in difficulty with advancing levels is that your pool of active kanji and therefore your daily review pile is ever increasing.

I feel like around level 20 you start seeing more and more similar looking kanji which can become a problem especially if you were not too careful about focusing on the components of a kanji and just learned them by “looking at them”. This becomes even more of a problem around level 30 it seems to me. There are some userscripts that can help you work on these problem areas though.

Another big difficulty spike for me was when more and more burns start coming in. At least a third of these I fail so they come back into the review pile which can really increase your daily number of reviews when you are going fast. I actually had to take a ~20 day lesson break in February to get my apprentice count back to 100 because the daily amount of reviews was just too high and my accuracy and motivation really was slipping.