Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Good job !

You inspired me with your small batchs, I had like 300 lessons a month ago and I am nearly to 0 now image, it’s my smallest lessons/reviews combo I ever had for 3 months.
So good luck with your review/lesson too, you can do it :slight_smile:


Yay, that’s looking good. I hope to reach that too before January.
Right now I’m at 199 reviews to go. I went a bit overboard because I reached some words I remembered well, and was on a roll.
Means tomorrow my review pile will hit around 280 again (instead of 350 or so) and it will continue to improve.

Current status:
100 in apprentice (that’s what happens if you fail guru)
264 in guru (that’s looking better than it was)
289 in master
1113 in enlightened
991 burned (almost 1000 yay, probably tomorrow evening because a few enlightened are on the way.)

One step at a time, we will conquer this mountain!


I want on hiatus after starting my postgrad research. Sitting at 700+ reviews on vacation mode, afraid to turn it off again :rofl:


You own a restaurant!?


Do you need help? :eyes:

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Help? What? I’m not crazy, I p-promise!


@Ilyasaur, @tetraflu0ride and anyone with a pile of reviews to catch up:

  • Don’t do any lessons. It’s okay to be longer in a level. You don’t want to throw more wood to a fire :slight_smile:
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Do x reviews every day that you have time for and reduce the pile bit by bit. If you do huge amounts in 1 day, that same amount will come back to you at the same time again. It will be extremely painful to deal with it later, so it’s better to prevent it instead.
  • Use this reorder, as it prioritizes the reviews there are most overdue.

I actually am doing less reviews a day, exactly for this reason. I got overwhelmed a month or so ago, because of my first levels going so quickly due to my prior knowledge are now up for burns. (I think I’m currently at level 8 or so for burns, and it’s starting to get harder.)
While at the time it wasn’t a problem, all these reviews piling up does take a lot of my time. Once I get my reviews under control, I’ll continue my lessons 5-10 at a time, no more. Slow, because I have other study methods to keep up.

We got this. One at a time.


I’m on level 15 now! Somehow, it seems like a huge milestone. Almost 25% of the way there! :sweat_smile:

It’s always a bit hard to see all those new lessons come in, especially when they were so low before, but I’m chipping away slowly but surely!

Edit: For some reason, I didn’t get my level 14 email when I got to 14. Now that I’m on 15, the email has shown up. Of course, it scared me into thinking I was a level lower than I thought, so I had to check again. Nope, still on level 15. Weird about the emails though. :woman_shrugging:t5:


Try going into settings and toggling the send level up emails off then on again. That seems to have helped people before.


hey :slight_smile: is it too late to join? I am level 1 right now ;/// a Japanese newbie


And another level down. 9 to 10 in 8 days and 15 hours.
If I can keep up that pace I could be 60 before end of March 2021, that’s when I’m going to travel to Japan.
That isn’t a must for me, but would be really nice.


It’s never too late :slight_smile:
Maybe set you goal a bit lower and try to keep reaching it.


It is never too late, just remember to don’t give up!


I finally got to 0. 0 REVIEWS!


Got another 100 waiting for me tomorrow, BUT the pile has shrunk down to manageable sizes, as long as I keep it up now.
I’ll keep doing my reviews daily, start doing new lessons in January, when all the holiday craziness is over.

Currently at 103 apprentice, not too shabby considering I had 100 yesterday and did over 280 reviews today. 259 guru. Things are going smoothly.
I have 171 lessons waiting for me. I’m not reordering anything. Just doing them as they come.

Good luck to anyone still tackling all the reviews! You can do it!


Good job krysta you finally got it ! I did too 2 hours ago, I am so happy !

Hey guys, don’t forgot to update your status, we miss you ! :sob: Let me know what are your speed and I will update you !

So, here is my congrulation post for ghosts that I stalked but are not editing the leaderbord :joy:
I can’t mention more than 10 people in one time, So I will only mention real gost

  • @Antenshi good job for your level 12 !

  • @PrickerKami good job for your level 19, you are pretty fast !

  • @squark42 congrat’s for you level 17 ! You are pretty fast too :o

  • @Undine good job too for your level 13 ! I see you in the same leaderboard as me for a few level’s now, I think we have nearly the same pace.

  • @fetaost & @dehydration good job for your level 16 !

  • @tetraflu0ride 頑張ってください !

  • @old_friend good job for your level 15, I really love your icon, and I have a song in my head because of you

  • kaikuchn good job for your level 15 too !

  • Wow, good job @heniatha for your level 23 !

  • PxAndyxR good job for your level 16 :slight_smile:

So, it’s seams that all other level 16 above have updated their level. For whom who are above level 16, I will ping you another days guys !

Here is the list of the durtles which were ate by the crabinator :frowning: (Account deleted I think)

  • Shiki
  • AAfunian

So guys, really good job for your level up !


Ah so it looks like I’m not gonna make it.
I just cleared level 9 and looking back I started almost exactly 3 months ago to the day.
That’s an average of three levels a month. Extrapolate that out and it’s gonna take 20 months to get to 60.

Not sure why my page is so slow. I’m doing reviews to zero every day and lessons as soon as they come up…

Oh well, maybe JLPT1 in 2021

I tend to go from 0 lessons to 150 or whatever number of lessons when I level up. Do you study all 150 together??

Also always keep in mind how the system works: only kanji matter for leveling up (and indirectly radicals as well, since you can’t unlock the kanji without them). What I’m saying is get rid of all the radicals as soon as you level up, and of all the kanji as soon as the second kanji wave comes (the one previously locked due to the radicals).
You can use a reorder script (like this: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/232-wanikani-lesson-ordering-ii) (WaniKani Lesson Ordering II)

Sorry if you already knew about it

your forum level will update once you log in and out of the forums.
(click your avatar in the top right, click your nickname, click logout)
this might also send your mail, though as said, disabling and enabling mails in your account does the trick quite immediately too.

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What percentage of the reviews are you getting correct? If low percent that may explain why you’re slower to level up.

It’s always 90% or higher. I’m not sure how that compares to others