Race to the Cake 🍰

You can just log out of the forum and back in and the badge will update.
I’m surprised that people are still updating the table, but it’s nice to see!


Huhu, I’ve added myself to the “sad, quiet animals” group which is a fitting name considering I’m a Bidoof myself.

I don’t tend to post much on the internet, so I hope I’ll fit just fine there : DDD
@sad-axolotl, @rawrdinosaur, I’m coming for you guys! Just you wait until I catch up to you!


Congrats on getting the cake! Were you able to get the level 60 lifetime discount? Asking cause I’m hoping to do the same in the near future :grin:

Near future makes it seem like you’re going to get to 60 in a few weeks. :wink:

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In a few months hopefully :pray:
Near future to me means within a year or so :sweat_smile:

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Hello there! Welcome to the race!
Well it’s more like a marathon for me, so if you keep your speed, you’ll be my level in no time!

Ima keep track :sweat_smile:


Yep! I sent an email to them and got it that way. You have to use paypal or write a special line of like “I authorize Wankani to take $60 from me credit card” or whatever for it to be applied.

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My first level up since I’m in a race! Took me 7 days and like 15 hours to clear this level, though learning new radicals, kanji and words took a better part of my evening as well.

Either way, that part is accounted for, hopefully I’ll hit level 7 next Wednesday/Thursday as well :smiley:

Good luck everyone!

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hey thats a fairly speedy level up time! if you dont mind me asking, how do you level up so fast? atm im like 9 days per level even though i do my reviews right when they come most of the time

Once I see new kanji, I try to read their mnemonics and get through the initial Apprentice 1 level up.
Then I slow down, do some Bunpro or watch some anime, return back to those characters an hour or two later, read those mnemonics over again, pull up my scrapbook and write those kanji down along with their (mostly) on’yomi readings.

I make sure to mark every radical that makes a kanji and by the time I’m done with the list I have read both of the mnemonics at least two times, know the readings and by the time the Apprentice 2 -> Apprentice 3 promotion comes up I try to recall the stories that Koichi has tried to teach me. If I can’t, which happens rarely, but it happens, I look up the mnemonic one more time and try to record it deep in my memory. The level up from Apprentice 2 to Apprentice 3 takes the longest for me, if it’s around 100 items then it can take up to 40 minutes, but by the time I’m levelling up from Apprentice 3 to Apprentice 4 I get to around 97% accuracy in no time already.

The timings between reviews are always consistent for me:
Thursday 11am -> Thursday 3pm -> Thursday 11pm -> Friday 10pm -> Sunday 9pm

Sunday 9pm -> Sunday 1am (got some lax periods here) -> Monday when-i-wake-up (so around 11am-12pm) -> Tuesday 11am -> Thursday 10-11am

This routine takes exactly 7 days 0 hours a level.

There’s two things worth keeping track though;

  1. It’s probably not sustainable outside of the quarantine, this takes up to five hours on-off each day new items are brought to the table. I won’t be able to keep doing it forever, but I’m doing it for as long as I can and I take huge pride out of it so far!
  2. You get to eventually forget some of the older kanji and you actually have to take some time off, for example on Tuesdays, to remind yourself of what some of your weakest kanji are.

It was a huge help that I could attend a Japanese course for 5 semesters before the language schools closed down for the lockdown, but I think I’ve managed to already work my way up from the basics to where I was before I stopped, so I’m very glad that happened.

Don’t forget to find different methods of indulging with the culture as well, I’ve switched my Nintendo Switch to Japanese and I’m slowly going through Animal Crossing and Pokemon Shield, though the second one is causing me some serious suffering when you get to longer dialogues :upside_down_face:

I hope that by the same time next year my WaniKani journey will be over already, but as I said, I can’t just stay at home and do those characters endlessly, I’ll actually have to readjust my schedule around July. Until then, お大事に!

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wow. this was such an indepth explanation. thank you so much for taking the time out of your day, I really appreciate it! I won’t lie, spending 5 hours some days sounds like a lot. but honestly, ive been at wanikani for about a month and a half and I think its time i start to develop a routine like this. so I think im gonna give your model a go! just one question: does writing down the kanji during the off time between reviews effect the SRS system?

You might wanna read the beginner’s guide My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )
As for your question: yes, if you have to look at the kanji to write it down then you’re effectively resetting the interval, which defeats the whole purpose of srs. If you want to write it down then I’d say do it just after your lesson/review session, not halfway between your next srs interval. There’s only one valid reason to look at the kanji between intervals and that’s if you naturally encounter it through immersion.

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thanks, this was very helpful

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Yep, what you’ve said is correct, the concept I was referring to when writing to @heidiwankanobe was in fact leeches, so those kanji that you’ve written right 5 times, then wrong two times, then right two times, wrong two times and over and over. I take some time on the down days to reexamine what is it that’s making me forget those words and right now there’s quite a few!

I hope that the apprentice heap size is going to start getting smaller than bigger eventually, I managed to get a few of those into Master already, so there’s hoping :smiley:

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:+1: :+1: thank u

update: i followed your method and have upgraded in seven days :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
thank you again so much! game changer

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I just got to lv15 and I’m one day away from 100 days studying WaniKani! That’s one quarter of the journey already, and 3/8 of the longer part. Coolio!

I think that’s a pretty solid accomplishment considering how bad I am at keeping streaks of anything. One thing I’m getting progressively worried about though is that I’m a type of a person that either goes 100% in or I put in 0% effort, I’m worried that not only I’m going to derail if I miss one day, but that I’m going to derail if I miss one review schedule and my weekly schedule won’t be able to keep up.

I noticed that if I have a 450-review day, such as Thursdays, I’m so exhausted from practicing all the words that I don’t do any other Japanese reading at all both that and the next day - WaniKani seems to be draining my energy in that regard! Maybe it’s just an excuse for me being lazy, who knows.

Either way, to celebrate my 99 day milestone on WaniKani I’ll probably do absolutely nothing as usual! :smiley:

I’m on the verge of 500 kanji studied right now, I’ll break way past it this Sunday. It pisses me off even more than usual when I read a Japanese sentence and I see just ONE character I don’t understand out of a 5-kanji compound, but I’m working on it, slowly, but surely.

I made a Japanese Google Account! Haven’t used it much yet, but the YouTube recommendations are looking good so far, seems like the generic YouTube conversation starter in Japan seems to be the topic of pets. Japanese mostly aren’t allowed to have pets in their flats, that’s why the videos containing pets have such a good click rate. The people in those videos seem particularly enthusiastic towards the idea of taking care of the pets too!

Unfortunately, I’m really, really bad at understanding the Japanese in the videos. It’s not even that it’s natural language instead of the by-the-textbook-one, I’m simply too slow to understand what is being spoken. I don’t know if choosing x0.5 speed for the video is a good idea in that context, but we’ll see how it plays out.

I think I’ll need to join a book club here someday, I’ll have to make up my mind eventually.


Just found this thread, sounds like fun! How does this work exactly? Can I just add myself to one of the groups?


Sure, help yourself!
That being said, I’m afraid this thread isn’t very active anymore. You probably want to check the Olympian or luminaries threads. Similar idea but those are active.

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Ah, ok! Thank you!

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