Race to the Cake 🍰


Yes join us!!!
I’m in the “The Waiting for Low Levelers to Eat Cake Group” :smiley:


You want to make a new group with @sebigator, me, and a maybe a few others who would want to join? Me and Sebi are neck and neck right now. lol


I wouldn’t mind joining :smile:


Yea I’m up for it, though I can’t promise that I’ll consistently devote as much time to WK as you’ve been doing (or as I had been doing until more recently), since I have much other stuff to focus on (and Japanese is currently just a hobby for me as I have no particular reason to need/want to be able to speak Japanese).


That means I’d have to come up with a name. I forgot about that part. <_<


You could make it a POLL member’s group or something <_<
Other than that you’re on your own :sweat_smile: I suck at names lol.
I mean you could always find a way to put Esdeath in the group name as well


The sebigators ^^


I’ll think about it, and inform you when I’ve decided.


The Sebigator Is In the Group Name Group


Only one week until cake! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

@level-58-lifetime contains 14 members. Wow.


So close, what kind of celebration are you planing to do? A new topic sharing your story, yes?

level 53 paid has 28 people
Never have I seen any of them on the forums, most people are silent watchers here


I should do my reviews…


That’s what the cool kids seem to be doing these days, so I figured I’d try myself. (I don’t have much free time, though, so I don’t know yet how much effort I’ll put into that…)

I’ve seen two, maybe three of them before.
7 of them have never posted on the forum, and 9 have less than an hour of read time (so basically, there’s 1 silent watcher plus 4 forum dwellers)


where do you see how many people are on your level and subscription model?


They made a group for each, since flare (the blue/purple/gray/magenta circle next to our avatars) is group based.
You can access directly your group by typing @level-26-paid and clicking on that link (it doesn’t seem to always work on the forum, but it’s fine in the preview you get on the right) or by going to community.wanikani.com/groups/level-26-paid


Ohhh I totally wanna join you!!


Sure, I still haven’t thought of a name yet though. lol

I’m terrible.


Well, just one week till cake then. Again


gj WK team! Delaying Nath’s progress so that they can’t beat me… I’m so proud of you guys


me too. far from the cake still though.