Race to the Cake 🍰




@Baggykiin image in the list seems to be broken. :cry:


Holy jumping jellyfish Aquaman, I just hit level 40! :smiley:


good work!


ok, added myself!


now i’m the furthest down the road i ever was, and everything i learn from here on will be new for me, on wk :slight_smile:


Noice :durtle_noice:
Are you going to keep your current pace?

Also, @Ninkastmin, congrats on the extra fire!
I guess it means you have things under control:p





i’m planning in small steps. till 30, i’ll continue at this pace, because that’s my goal for year’s end :slight_smile: if nothing wild happens, i don’t see a reason to slow down after that either, but we’ll see.




what happened snake???


Sorry if this doesn’t belong here :sweat_smile:
What script did you use to get that screen when you level up?


that’s the level-up celebrator. it has a standard screen with sakura, but gives you the option to link your own.


Oh, okay. Thank you! ^^


I leveled up and will try to edit the list on my phone. If I screw everything up I am very sorry in advance

I didn’t have to change any positions so everything went fine lol

Whoooo on to the next level


@Tyger Hi. It seems that I can’t edit the post. Can you add me to the group “Late to the Party, Quick to the Studying” with this info: 4. duck, level: 26, speed: 17 days

Thank you.


Only two weeks until cake :smile:
Can’t wait.


Added you! Although under your username, so that people can recognise you and find you via discourse search.


you deserve it!!!


I’ve been more serious about WaniKani, and my Japanese studies in general lately. I need a group to join. Who wants me? :3