Race to the Cake 🍰


Haha, I’ve repeatedly told her so. That she could join us in our group too like Momoiro-chan did.


yeah, @saiakuma is in a second group, too. nothing bad about it, we’re all one big family anyway.


true but anyway. there is actually no reason for me to join another group ^^ just wondering how many people are in the low levelers group. i completely lost the overview


says 39, no idea how many are active. we have some inactives, too. pretty normal for wh.
our thread is pretty active tho, so that’s a good sign.


Hey, @SerahShirin!
I joined your group a few days ago :slight_smile:

I saw “Low Levelers” and thought “ok, that’s where I should go”, haha
But just as @OmukaiAndi said, I really wasn’t expecting to see so many high levelers as yourself in the group. I just hope to catch up soon! :nerd_face:
Thanks for creating the group! I hope to stay active and keep climbing all the way to the top :top::cake:


I joined last month when I was level 7 or 8. I think a handful of others joined then too.


I wanted to expand a bit on how my WK deficit is out of control. This is a bit hard for me to deal with since I’ve managed to be pretty consistent since I started WK at the beginning of this year.

There are a few factors at play here. 1) I’m on vacation (in Japan, though) and busy with other things. 2) the only device available to me currently is an iPad which is relatively slow to type on. 3) There’s no reorder script available on iOS devices which is the way I’m used to getting through my reviews.

I currently have 1173 reviews in queue, and 78 lessons. I haven’t done any lessons since I started my vacation and didn’t really plan to. Because I haven’t had the time for over a week to do any reviews, the number has grown quite high. I know I could turn on vacation mode, but I don’t think it would solve the main problem I have.

That main problem is that the way WK is designed, you are supposed to get reviews just before you forget them. I think in many cases, I’m getting them just that little bit too late now. My accuracy has gone from ~95% to 75% if I’m lucky. Some of that is probably due to working in a different environment (someone else’s home) with many distractions, and some may be due to getting overwhelmed with kanji everywhere here in Japan. But mostly, I feel like my stored accumulation of kanji learning is in a precarious state right now.

I spent a few hours today getting through just over 100 reviews and it was kind of painful. I went through them in groups of 10 and it felt like learning to walk again after breaking one’s legs, except in this case I’d never really leaned to walk that well in the first place.

Sorry this is basically a long pity party for me. I do appreciate the fact that I’m in Japan among Japanese people. That part is terrific. I suppose my situation isn’t completely unexpected. I did sort of predict it. What I didn’t predict is forgetting so much and feeling down about it. But any advice or suggestions for getting out of my WK rut would be most welcome.


The main problem with very large review piles is that items you get wrong go back in the void for a long while, and by the time you see them again, you will have forgotten them already.

There’s a script that reorder based on srs status I think, or something similar, so that you would see again these items at the right time, and only when you are done with them will you get the rest.

In any case, I would not worry too much about accuracy right now. A forgotten item will still be forgotten even if you wait. Just do a few reviews per days. If you get something right, great! The pile grows a little bit slower. If you get it wrong, doesn’t matter, it will just come back in the pile.

Anyway, don’t spend too much time on it, you should mostly have fun on your vacation. You will get to deal with all that once you come back. (But again, a few reviews here and there can make that comeback one epsilon easier)


Hiya! I don’t think we’ve talked before, but I wanted to cheer you on! I’m sorry that you feel overwhelmed with all the reviews… I don’t personally see any harm in using vacation mode; either way it’ll be challenging with a long gap between the previous review and whenever you end up doing them. I think it would help me personally if I didn’t have to see a really large intimidating number even before I start my reviews. Not to mention that if you’re not using reorder it’ll be really difficult to make up for the differences in when you’re “supposed to” see the review, which you’ve already mentioned.

With that said, I hope you can still enjoy your time in Japan, and that WK will always be waiting for you (whether you use vacation mode or not), so please enjoy your time! ^^ Your precision in leveling speed is amazing, and just because you’re on vacation doesn’t change all your hard work. I also have entered the 40s, and it’s something that I didn’t really acknowledge completely, but when I was in the lower levels, I totally thought the 40s and up were (or it seemed like) they were more unattainable… And yet, here we are. :slight_smile: So, hope you can get back on WK when you’re ready (or steadily, if you have time), and let’s ganbarimashou together ~ haha


go to a 漫画喫茶, they’re cheap, secluded and have a pc with internet. do it there.


You’re probably right that should just turn on vacation mode for now. I’m returning home in about a week anyway. I had dreams of at least keeping up with the reviews, but enjoying Japan is more important.

Also, I’m writing the N3 exam on Dec 2 so even after returning home, my time will probably be better spent cramming for that rather than worrying about WK so much. I’m at least reasonably solid with the N3 kanji now as far as I can tell.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Thanks, I think that’s the approach I have to take: epsilon by epsilon.

Good advice in other circumstances, but I’m staying at my in-laws’ house and I don’t really have the time to spend hours alone, plus I’d have to go down the mountain (六甲山) to get to such a place. Also I’d look like kind of a jerk, I think. Thanks, though.

I’ll get through this. Gotta get that cake.


you can rent pcs, too. get one from a konbini (if available) or ask your people where you can get one. any old laptop will do.


i will stay in my group until level 60 haha and welcome to all new low levelers



Figured it was about time to update my level… Only gone up 10, lol! XD


Enjoy your holiday! You will get to level 60 and in the long run it doesn’t matter at all whether it takes a couple of weeks longer.


Please could I be added to The Waiting For Low Levelers to Eat Cake group?
Level: 6 Speed: 14 days

Thanks :smile:


You’re brave enough to not have turned on the vacation mode, and you have my full respect for that.

Ok, let’s take this step by step, first of all, don’t let this make you fail to enjoy your vacations, just promise me that, ok?

Now, WK got hard, right? lots of reviews, you got accustomed to a certain speed and now having to re learn a huge pile of item hurts, right? It’s ok, even if there are 3000 reviews and 500 lessons to do, it’s ok.

So as with everything in life one thing must be sacrificed to keep going, and this time it’s accuracy. But trust me, it won’t hurt that much. What makes you feel down is just the feeling that you used to have everything under control and now you’re facing some chaos. But this chaos is a very manageable one, first because you’re in paradise levels, you know very well what this is about, second because it’s a definite number, something that you can work with, split in bits for days/weeks and watch it come down.

You’ll have a lot of apprentice items for a while, you’ll have to do a considerable amount of reviews also for a while, (more if you’re aiming at keep adding lessons) just let the SRS work, fail what you have to fail. It would be easier for your brain to recall something you’ve seen too much, so even doing 400 reviews per day, would not feel as punishing as doing 100 of fully forgotten items.

It will be a bit hard, but everything that’s worth it is hard
You can do this, it’s ok, you’ve got the tools, and the friends, and the gummy bears.

Keep pushing forward


Somehow you understand that this is the kind of analysis I enjoy. :wink:

Good advice. Don’t worry; I’m not failing to enjoy my vacation. This has been a slightly complicated vacation so far, but for the next few days I’ll have a bit more time for myself before I sadly have to go home.

I think you found the crux. I do like accuracy (as much as I can muster) and have the habit of spending time during reviews to see if I can remember something that seems forgotten. With over 1000 reviews in queue, this becomes untenable. So having to admit I forgot things I previously learned makes me a little sad, and having to admit that I’ve forgotten a lot of things makes me sadder.

The good news I think is that learning, forgetting, and then relearning again is probably better for solidifying memories in the long run. I mean, maybe.

I know it’s going to take until I’m back home before I can really start ploughing through the backlog. Meanwhile I’ll just do what I can and… enjoy my vacation. ¡Gracias!


same case like me lol.