Race to the Cake 🍰


Hello, good race guys
According to WKStats, I’ll be on level 60 August 26 2019 (352 days from start). This app is the best thing ever I’m thrilled. The competition only makes it better.


Dec 10 would be more fitting. Or Dec 12…
(I really wish the numbered months were meaningful, but it is the only way I remember the numbers of months September to December, just add 2!)


More importantly, you are making a level 60 post deshou?


Most likely, yes.
I feel it would be a good time to talk about doing WK as an experienced learner.
If I’m not too lazy.


All I needed to know.

starts collecting GIFs

You’re possibly the least laziest person I know on here


don’t be lazy :slight_smile:
i got some learning in already as well (more spoken than written tho), so i’m interested in your perspective.


I’ve reached the cake, it is delicious


I hate to tell you, that I’m already in my 30ies now :wink: I’m so close to leave death behind :wink: and if I continue in my pace right now I’ll reach level 35 until Christmas which brings me to JLPT N3 Level :smiley: After that I plan to slow down a bit ^^*

that is and was an amazing Idea :slight_smile: it’s on the open source novel page, and I already read it in parts as a Manga (the translated version) so I roughly now what should happen and it’s challenging as hell but not overwhelming though :smiley: I will milk (pun intended) this one for a bit now :smiley: so thanks for that !



grats :slight_smile:
that yellow 60 looks good :sunny:


cake was not a lie
i’m happy


Congratulations! You enjoy that delicious golden cake you fierce dragon you. Looking forward to your level 60 thread.


I keep forgetting to edit after I level up. I keep forgetting I leveled up lol


I just saw you added a link to our thread to the title of our group, @OmukaiAndi
Nice call :smiley:


oh, you could see that?
i thought, since we have a dedicated thread, why not link it. this way people can check us out :slight_smile:


Thanks @Tyger for the link, that’s a good idea!



Hope everything’s going fine in your vacation!



I miss you, too, study buddy!

The vacation is fine. My WaniKani review deficit is completely out of control at this point.

I’m finding that taking a break from the SRS means that I forget a lot!

But I’m terribly busy - more so than I usually am, so that’s okay. I’ll be able to catch up soon (he said innocently).


almost 40 people in my low levelers group… when did you all join lol


Meanwhile, the Eugene people aren’t here anymore.
@meowlet hasn’t been on the forum for 9 months, and @cyanfolds either.
Interestingly, they left the forum one day apart… And they didn’t even update their level before leaving.
The crazy thing is that they are both still subscribed (well, maybe not for long).

I should stop forum stalking random people.


why are you in the low levelers group though? lvl 37 isn’t particularly low :wink:
i’ve seen some people being in more than one group, too.