Race to the Cake 🍰


I think I remember @jprspereira (or maybe someone else) mentioning learning the kanji before.
Nothing prevents you from going to the next level’s kanji pages and study them before hand. :slight_smile: In particular the day before leveling up, when you don’t have any critical item in the queue…

(That being said, if you don’t have any specific reason to go faster, that’s not necessary either :woman_shrugging: that’s only a month of difference or so?)


Yes, for the one fast level I did (26?) I learned all the next level kanji the night before. It was stressful. I think that’s when I finally installed the ignore script.


That’s a great idea! I never thought of that, but it totally makes sense, and that way when you’re buzzing through the lessons, you’re not also just forgetting the kanji as soon as you look at them… haha

in other news, i’m suprised i haven’t been overtaken… i’ve slacked a bit @Kyasurin is still a couple of levels in front of me, but it doesn’t look great for me…
(I’m an aeroplane!)

(Somehow it hasn’t effected my average time…)


Sup fast humans, how is it going?

I like this level’s color @Naphthalene

Hmm… I do study kanji before entering an specific level, well, at least i was doing so up to level 40

Anyway, life is demanding my attention again, peace!


Yup. The good old self-study script together with the self-study hide info script. I’d go to a level’s kanji page, hide meanings/readings, and 2 by 2/3 by 3, I’d repeat meanings and readings to myself. Eventually, I’d have memorized all the kanji. Then, I’d do the quiz for those kanji using the self-study script to check those I wasn’t so sure about. Then review these again. This could take me around 20 to 30 mins to do. Preferably, I’d do this the day before leveling up, so that I’d have a 2nd exposure to them during lessons. The lessons would totally be a breeze though :grin:

My point here is… SRS is awesome but nothing like repetition at the beginning to really cement that new content. To me, expecting a SRS interval of 4h to be enough when you’re learning this amount of new info a day wouldn’t work. I had to add that sweet repetition to kanji.


Yep. On floflo, the first interval is 2h, and that does help… when I have the time to do it.

Also, my accuracy on floflo (mostly studying stuff I don’t know) gives me a hint of what it would be here if I didn’t have prior knowledge… (Accuracy mostly in the 80% range, with some stuff below when I didn’t have time to do reviews for a couple of days and I just try to power through).
No way I would have been able to get anywhere near max speed on WK as a beginner.



I’m using the same SRS intervals that WK has on Kitsun because it allows me to maintain a good schedule (4h + 8h = 12h | 23h, 1d23h etc etc). The 8h works wonders for me, but that 4h is tough. If I know the item 4h later, I pretty much can guarantee that I’ll know it +8h. The problem is making sure I succeed in my first review session.

Tbh, I can’t wait for @neicul to implement a self-study tool on Kitsun. It will make my lessons so much easier. I’ll just cycle through recent learned items and boom :tada:


Not that we’re competing, @saiakuma, but I’m 51 days on this level already. :joy:
I decided to stop new lessons until I finished the semester. I am still doing reviews, but it’s a lot less intense this way.

Me too!


i add new levels to my drill script on memrise, since it has nice drills and lets you do whatever you want whenever, plus it has srs, too.

where did you learn the kanji those last 3 times? i envy you. i know a lot of kanji, too, from unsystematic “picking up” and some RTK, but i never did the whole thing @Naphthalene


Could I be added to the waiting for lower levels to eat cake group?
Name:Broducton Level: 13 speed: 10 days 4 hours
Thanks :smiley:


The first time was with a think pocket book that just gave for each kanji some of the most common kun’yomi and on’yomi, a meaning and a few example words. (No mnemonic or anything). That book was a companion to the Japanese method by Assimil (a French language learning company). I hated their approach to teaching Japanese, so I stop, but I still “learned” the kanjis in there (although by the end it was more just reading the entries and immediately forgetting it).

The second time was with an app called kanjibox. It’s only multiple choice based, so even though I felt that I was learning, I ended up just learning the best way to guess which one was the correct answer…

The third time was with a deck on Anki. I did it in about 4 or 5 months? Kanji I saw often in the wild stuck, but the rest quickly faded away as soon as I stopped using the deck. That did give me enough of a boost to pass the N1, though.

About one year ago, I really started worrying that, even though I could understand kanji, I was completely unable to read stuff out loud anymore, and that’s what brought me here. (I technically registered 5 years ago, but I gave up the first time around because WK was too damn slow™. I wish I had stuck with it.)


i first learned kanji with vocab, when i started my journey, on smart.fm, but i retained just enough to (mostly) guess right when picking the right kanji in IME
when chatting with friends.
kanji were also a thing when i attended a japanese language school here, but more to the tune of “here’s 5 kanji, you read em such and such, learn them by tomorrow, there’s gonna be a small test” - which gave an enormous
boost to the overwhelming majority of chinese students, but left me mostly clue- and helpless.
i started wk in '15 and got to lvl 24, but gave up for the same reason: too slow. then went off kanji studies completely and just picked up a few here and there.

so you could say that i do know a certain number, but not nearly enough to read anything of any substance, and since that frustrated me to no end, i came back to WK, since slow progress is better than no progress :slight_smile:

as for pure multiple choice learning, well, that’s what i’m doing on memrise. it lets me drill, which i’m doing, and while it doesn’t “connect the dots”, it helps me with leeches on WK (not wk-leeches, i don’t let them fall so deep). my real lessons here then add on to that, and reading in the real world (not as much as i’d like to) then reinforces them.

WK is difficult. while i got high accuracy, i buy it for a high price: bad efficiency.


Oh yeah, I had that too :sweat_smile: That did help some, though.


every time, you throw a bunch of kanji at a wall, a few stick. that’s the story of my life, hehe.
time to get my house in order :slight_smile:


oh no worries! i wasn’t sure haha
yeah, i’m basically on reviews only until i finish uni as well… i have another 2 weeks left, then i should be able to go faster, but i feel like i will just want to play games and make music hahaha


I made it to 43 (!) which makes me happy because since I’m writing the N3 test in December, I should be more or less prepared for that kanji-wise. I’ve been doing 7 day levels for quite a while now.

But I don’t think I’ll make it to 44 by next Thursday because … I’m travelling to Japan. (Yay!)
So I’ll likely slow down quite a bit for the next three weeks or so. Perhaps even until the N3 test on December 2. But in Japan I’ll get to put my newfound kanji skills into practice and see if I can finally figure out what all those buttons on the toilets do!


i am level 26!


grats :slight_smile:


That graph looks super neat, we’ll miss you! please have fun and bring us weird and fascinating stories from Japan


updated. 2 more levels, and i’m back where i left off.
things are working out pretty well so far :slight_smile:
hope it stays this way.