Race to the Cake 🍰


wk should have 100 or so levels, done at a 3-4 day rate. i don’t really like the “first half / second half” system.


I want to join the naughty group (lmao) but does that mean I have to manually change everyone’s ranking? I’m not sure I’m adding myself correctly haha


I am ready for this


we totally need a squirrel in our group :slight_smile:


I looked at your group and thought the exact same thing!


thankfully our shameful lack of squirrel situation is fixed now :smiley:
even if it pushes me one rank down, hehe.



But yes at least that’s fixed!! Means we can get back to focusing on our reviews and lessons again!


i don’t mind :slight_smile: one rank down means 1 rank more to rise :wink:


I leveled up and now my rank in my group matches my name: #17. I hope to be #13 or so sometime next week, though. :sunglasses:


Hi Guys!

I added myself to the The Waiting for Low Levelers to Eat Cake :cake: Group. Hope I didn’t mess up anything. Just bought a subscription and feel like I’m one of you already :grin::grin: Also since I’m checking WK and the community at least 10 times a day.

Here we goooo!


have fun :slight_smile:


Welcome to our own personal hell! :smiley:


One step closer to the cake, now in Death again :slight_smile:


The last slow level!


congrats napth!
you’re so close now


Are you planning to do the fast levels fast? Well then, I’m preparing to be left decisively in your dust.


@saiakuma @Sezme
Thank you both!

Sezme: if possible, I’d like to do them in 3d12
The 5am-9am-5pm schedule actually fits exactly the down times of my day, so it might be possible.

I really enjoyed those past two levels, too. It’s like it’s Christmas twice a week. :blush:


I wish i had the motivation to do this properly… i’m so far behind, i’ve got 700 reviews left, (but i reorder so i’ve done all kanji) and i’ve been on this level 43 days so far :frowning:


Technically, it’s my 4th time learning the joyo kanji (well, there are some non joyo here, but anyway).
At each level, there’s usually only 2~4 kanjis that I would not consider “burned” already. (A lot more of the vocab is new, but it’s fairly easy to learn here)
I wouldn’t say I am doing WK properly, since my lessons usually go skip - skip - skip- … hm そう? Click Yep okay cool - skip - skip - … I actually don’t know, uh click click checks reading and words ok - skip - skip

If you consider the amount of information, I’m basically doing 70 days levels :stuck_out_tongue:


I too enjoy the 5-9-5 schedule on those rare occasions that I don’t get delayed earlier in the week. Tomorrow, though, I should be able to manage a 5-9-5 schedule.

But it’s more challenging when you have to complete the previous level and then learn all the kanji for the new level within the hour. But since you know almost all the kanji already, it shouldn’t be too taxing. Bonne chance!


oh right ahaha