Race to the Cake 🍰


At the current pace, I have noticed when I unlock my second batch of Kanji, you level up.


True, and if it was not for my general level of frustration with things completely unrelated to WK. Also, I objectively do (did?) enjoy the ride, as it forced me to acknowledge some leeches that I didn’t realize I had.

I feel you :frowning: I wish I could spend 48h per 24h. I can totally relate to Hermione in the third Harry Potter book right now… (when she used a time traveling device to take twice as many lectures as everyone else).

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

So we have a half level difference, you mean? :thinking:


@Tyger can you add me to the The Waiting for Low Levelers to Eat Cake group :slightly_smiling_face:
cndylx, level: 5, speed: 6 days, 21h


Yeah it used to be few hours some levels ago. :frowning:

Well, fingers crossed, but I might end up finishing this level below 7 days (a first for a non-fast level for me).


I added you to the group. Welcome :slight_smile: Come and visit the thread if you like.



Having read your post, I can understand your frustration.
But at the same time, I’m kind of glad you’ve been held here longer than you anticipated, because it’s given us a chance to get to know you better, and you’re such a great resource for the book club!
Please forgive my blatant self-interest :smile:


Well, technically it’s just as long as I anticipated, since I was well aware of how long it would take to complete WK :sweat_smile:
I would probably stick around the forum even if I was 60 today, especially the bookclubs :smiley:

It’s appreciated :blush:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hey racers, I reached level 32 this morning, and I just wanted to tell the world. And along with level 32 comes the second dumbest radical that I’ve encountered on WK so far: “Cat Pirate”. Why? Well it looks kind of like a C and P. So Koichi (?) decided that it should stand for Cat Pirate. I can remember the “cat” part, but I can’t seem to associate cats with pirates. So I’ve added just about every other thing I can think of with Cat and P…something as synonyms. I mean, “Cat’s Pyjamas” is at least a common expression.

Feel free to suggest any other memorable CP phrases I could add as synonyms. The only CP abbreviation I’m generally familiar with is cerebral palsy, but in general I’d prefer more cheerful meanings.

Hey, @Ninkastmin, time to log out and log in again; it’s still showing you as level 32, and I know you’re always one level above me (until the week you slip up… or if you wait until the end of October I’m going to Japan and I’ll be sure to slow down during my travels).


I can give you the historical one and the way I study with my own mnemonics

CO meaning chinese only


it acts phonetically to express greet and also lends similar connotations from its literal meaning of one person being respectful to another.

CP is an abbreviation for CoPilot, and that guy talks with respect to the Pilot, because that person is wiser. the copilot greets the pilot and respectfully listens to what the Pilot has to say.

Thanks i’ll do it later…


Take me with youuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~


Amazing! That ties everything together so well. I will use that. It’s the cat’s pyjamas.


I’m allowed two pieces of check-in luggage if you don’t mind staying in a tight space for 15 hours or so, (and weigh less than 23Kg).


cat pee :woman_shrugging:


I just leveled!


A little bit of competition for you @Alolvovan!







Me too!!!
buuuut, this is going to be a slow level for me…
i’ve still got nearly all my vocab from level 23 still apprentice, or not even learned…
i want to guru a lot more before i take any new lessons from level 24…