Race to the Cake 🍰

that sounds so nice!

That is a beautiful cheesecake! I want to bake more, I’ve been looking into rice cooker recipes lately haha.

I’m slowly paring down my leveling speed… pokes @ploopy1000 @Toba @riverpuppy
Are y’all alive? How’re you doing?


thanks for the reminder :wink: I’m speeding up a little again hope to get this level going tomorrow so 8 days for this one :smiley:

I would love to try this kind of cheesecake as well, but in my small little student dorm, we don’t have an oven T_T
but hey it’s starting to get summer, so less cheesecake also means less additional calories to burn :smiley:

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Oh… I kinda forgot I was racing other people even though I literally commented on the thread naming post a while ago…

I have neglected all usage of the reorder script, so I haven’t done any of the lessons on level 21 yet; I’m still doing level 20 vocab lessons.

Seeing you all the way in front of me has encouraged me to do more lessons!!!

… without the reorder script, of course…


What does the reorder script do? and is it only available on mobile app?

No. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s not available on allicrab at all. Here it is.

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delightfully devilish seymour

I’d say be very careful with it so you don’t end up in a situation like some of those in this thread have been in. I use the reorder script as well but I only use it in lessons in order to decrease my level up time as much as possible. What I do is make sure I always do radicals first, then kanji, then vocab. Since I’ve done this I’ve maintained a level up time of less than 9 days per level. I’ve never used it on reviews even though you can, I just never saw the point since I was going to get through all of them either way. It might be useful if you get a huge backlog worth hundreds of reviews, but I hope I never slack off that much.


yeah i think the most i’ve had is 300, sometimes the backlog sits for a coupe of days before i completely clear it though

I only have the reorder script for the reviews on my phone, which makes it handy to get through the important radical and/or kanji reviews during short breaks at work or something.

I also have it installed here on my computer for lessons, but I really only use it to diversify my lessons (ex: 10 kanji + 15 vocab, instead of the 21 kanji + 4 vocab that would happen by default).

I’m not alive. I’m on vacation mode. >_< Once finals are over I’m going to get back into it, but right now I just don’t have the time or energy!


頑張りましょう!!Should we rename our group name? xD I do use the reorder script to learn new lessons and in review sessions; my goal write now is more exposure and I pick up the kanji pretty quickly so it works for me. But I only have it on my home computer; I often do reviews at work which doesn’t have the reorder script installed. So most of my reviews I do have to know what I’m doing. (Except for this week, since I’m taking time off… Mostly applied to my new lessons though.)

Oh, I can totally relate to that. It’s okay, do whatever you need to do! Health and school is more important. Good luck!!

Hmm… why though? I was planning on moving out of the Reorder Abuse Jail and back to the river, lion etc. when I hit 0 lessons.

I guess the Reorder Abuse Jail is purely for people who abused the script to do new level lessons and who now have hundreds of lessons. Personally it’s fine to use the script for reviews. If you’re already at a comfortable amount of lessons, that’s your ticket out of the jail and you could go join another group!

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That’s totally understandable! Study hard and good luck!!! We shall await your return!


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@jprspereira @Vanilla How’s it going for you guys? It looks like both of you have just hit the fast levels (at near the same time no less). You ready for hell?


Eh, more or less


They told me hell was a few levels ago, so right now I’m pretty much living in illusion.


@MidnightOverlord are you editing the wiki currently? I was gonna update my level but I thought I saw your avi showing as currently editing and so I backed out…

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I’m all done! Go ahead :grin:

And congrats on the level up :sparkles: :tada:

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:smile_cat: Okiedokies!!