Quizflip - The World's First Electronic Flashcard

I pledged for this. I wonder if anyone else would be interested.


Thank you for posting! I’ve pledged too - I love flashcards but hate both paper and apps, so I think this would work well for me!

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The cards are fun for me to make as an analogue tool but, they are not very tidy to carry around. I think I’m going to enjoy having a small device to study from but, also… I notice that I read books much better and have better retention and interest in what I am reading on the Kindle original, which uses the liquid paper. I am wondering if that would also be true of the QuizFlip with regards to having the tactile feel of a flash card with the back and front. That is one thing I’d like to know. If others can say they have the same experience. I am glad that you agreed to give QuizFlip a try. Please give me an update later in the year and after you have used the device for a few months.

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