Quiz on items broken (Android phone)

Okay, this is my first post, so I’m not sure how to write this…

So, when I was learning some items, I pressed on the quiz button to quiz me on the items I had just learnt. The quiz was going smoothly, until it asked me for the meaning of 手. When I inputted hand, however, it did not move to the next item; instead, it decreased the number of vocabulary left in my lessons and increased the number of correct vocabulary each time I pressed the enter button.
I hope this bug will not affect my progress and make me skip vocabulary :slightly_frowning_face:.

Hi. :wave:

Was this in an app or using a browser?

It was using Chrome (I do have flaming durtles tho, but I don’t use it unless I have no wi-fi)

Gotcha. You might want to email them. Maybe they can look at your account in particular to make sure everything is okay. They tend not to see reports like this on the forums.

Oh ok. Since I’m quite new, how do you do that exactly? :thinking:

This page should help :slight_smile:

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