Quick translation to say to Japanese guests

I’m planning on going to an anime convention and they have a couple of Japanese music guests I’m a huge fan of. I want to practice my Japanese but unfortunately I do not know enough words for some of the things I want to say

Here are a few examples of what I want to say and if anybody can provide me a decent translation I would greatly appreciate it

  1. " I have listened to your music since high school."

  2. " it is a huge honor to meet you."

  3. “I flew from insert place to insert to see you perform live.”

  4. Or if it’s been a while since I seen the guest come to an event I want to say something like for a guest like a seiyuu I would want to say " I met you at * insert event name and time*" or " I saw you perform say in " insert place, time and event name"
    I would greatly appreciate it if anybody can help me out.

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