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Quick question …

So - trying to say ‘if you’re happy, I’m happy’

嬉しいだったら私も嬉しいです – does that do the trick?

Thoughts appreciated

@zyoeru Pointed out incorrect use of the copula with an i- adjective…

So perhaps 嬉しかったら、私も嬉しい ?

I can’t help you with the sentence completely, but I’m pretty sure you can’t say だったら with an i-adjective.

嬉しかったら would be what you want

You just need to remember that the informal copula only goes with nouns (and na-adjectives) because verbs and i-adjectives have a state of being in-built into them

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Oh yeah ! durpa durp. Thankyou !

So 嬉しかったら、私も嬉しい :heavy_heart_exclamation: