Quick quide to fast unlocks [Use at your own risk, skipping items is generally not a good thing in the long run]

Yes, two levels if you get it wrong at Guru+, one level if you get it wrong in Apprentice.

This also has a multiplier of 1 for getting it wrong once or twice in one session, 2 if you get it wrong 3 or 4 times, a multiplier of 3 when you get it wrong 5 or 6 times etc.

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I think i did the last 2-3 levels in 2 months, and then I didn’t have much time for it for the last month.

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But then what’s the use of going full speed like you explained in the initial post?

At times when I had plenty of free time, I was easily going through the reviews as they came with a bunch of time to spare.

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A1, incorrect review, A1, see in four hours.
A2, incorrect review, A1, see in four hours.
A3, incorrect review, A2, see in eight hours.
A4, incorrect review, A3, see in one day.
Guru 1, incorrect review, A3, see in one day.
Guru 2, incorrect review, A4, see in two days.
Master, incorrect review, Guru 1, see in one week.
Enlightened, incorrect review, Guru 2, see in two weeks.

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The annoying part is that he’s usually right :wink:


Ah, so you’re binging reviews when you have pockets of time every now and then. Now I understand.

Isn’t that the whole point of a “go at your own pace” system like this one?


I don’t feel like I get the funny sassy side, I feel like he’s disappointed in me, like he expected better, that’s what hurts the most.


I thought you were simply rushing through as many items as possible, and then stop until you’re burned out.


The problem may come later down the line when all those items you’ve binged come around in a giant stack a month later.

Actually, the fastest way is to get 100% on your first 5 reviews. In that case, not only do you unlock all the lessons, but you also have a chance of doing well on those since you’ve nailed the previous reviews.

Let’s say you do exactly as you say and spend 2 days cheating through the first batch of radicals and Kanji. Now you’ve unlocked the second batch. Do you now cheat on the second batch to unlock all the vocab lessons?

In either case, at least one batch is going to come around again in a week and you’ll have to spend 2 days or more relearning it again since it’s going to drop to at least Apprentice 3. I just don’t see a scenario in which you don’t lose the 2 days that you could have spent unlocking it properly in the first place.

Here’s the problem with this:

The number of Master items that come up for review today was determined a month ago. The number of Enlightened items that come up was determined four months ago.*

That means if you feel like you’re falling behind today, you may need quite some time to slow down. Plus, you can’t do anything about the items you cheat to Guru until at least a week after you’ve done so. Eventually, that’s going to push back your level ups anyway.

So going at an increased pace now when you have a lot of free time will hurt you later on when those things come back around again and you can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same amount of time to devote to those items.

*The original quote was from here, but I honestly can’t find the reference right now. Once I do I"ll update the post.


You do, but it still lets you unlock lets say all Radicals and Kanji for that level at once, if you think that’s something you can handle. If you unlock Vocabulary items as well, you can just keep it in the queue until you learn the required Kanji for them.

Or for example learn Kanji for one level (keeping Vocabulary in the queue) and Radicals for the next level at the same time.

Well, it unlocks it two days after you start the level since you have to Guru that levels radicals. So are you saying to only cheat the radical reviews?

That sounds like regular leveling plus ignoring vocab. I don’t see where the cheating part comes in.

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Yeah but you still have to wait for two days, while you could use that time for learning new stuff. I also recently noticed, that there are a lot of cases where the Kanji uses on’yomi while Vocabulary item uses kun’yomi, or the other way around. Having both items in the queue at the same time might actually be beneficial for cases like the one described before, when after learning the on’yomi for 元 it’s hard for people to switch into using kun’yomi when needed. Like learning multiple meanings of a single word at the same time.

Just faster unlocks, so you can add new items at the pace you find appropriate at a time. Usually you can slow down (by not doing enough reviews) when needed, but not accelerate.

Yes, exactly.

This is why I added the override script into the mix, because you aren’t outright looking up the material immediately. You guess, get it wrong, look it up, and then in the same session are forced to complete the review again, this time correctly. I find that this way the problem items become quite clear. And you also get actual practice remembering them.

I do believe that if more than a handful are giving you real trouble then slowing down would be for the best.

Could you maybe explain this part a bit better? I don’t think I’m following. The 2 days is for you to hit each of the Apprentice Intervals and then Guru the next day.

Honestly, that sounds like abuse of the override script to me.

I agree. And that means that if you fail an item, it drops down appropriately.

I’d say that answering はちがつ for 八日 is just plain wrong rather than a misreading.

If it works for you long term, then cool. I’d just be very careful with how sustainable that is.


As a former “speed leveler” myself, I have a few pieces of advice:

  1. If you have spare time to study more items, why not just spend that time pre-learning the kanji / radicals from the next level so you can actually get them right every time when you see them? You’re still learning new things, you’re still increasing your leveling speed, and you don’t have to worry about the dreaded queue explosion from failing items you didn’t really learn later.

  2. I really recommend you spend this time to focus on grammar. It’s never too early to start on grammar. If you can speed level while learning grammar (which I had the time to do), awesome. Everyone says they will “focus more on grammar later / after level X”, but they usually pile up a massive review queue in WK which they become a slave to around level 25 - 30. Please don’t become another user that knows 1,000+ kanji but can’t speak or read a thing. :joy: