Quick mnemonic explanation


Hoping someone could explain the following mnemonic, for forgotten item 忘れ物

‘Since you didn’t learn this reading for 忘 with the kanji, here’s a mnemonic to help you out. If you study this vocabulary out the wazoo わす, it’ll never become a forgotten item!’

i might just be missing something - but what is ‘wazoo’? :thinking:


Did you google “out the wazoo”?



hmmm. know i feel stupid for not googling ! haha.

must be and american thing? strange one though - because i would type wazoo as わず - instead of わす。but i guess i’ll remember now. :smile:


The pronunciation doesn’t fit, so yeah, it’s not a good mnemonic.


The Thing I had FORGOTTEN was my umbrella, so I WAS SOOn quite wet.

I love making mnemonics.


Here’s another.
You’re walking one day and enter a わすp filled area. You leave covered in them say “わすp, わすp” I forgot, this placed is covered in わすp.

Try and remember the pain associated with them and that you feel so stupid for forgetting the わすp were there.