Questions about Time to reach level 40

よ, I recently took the plunge and subscribed to one month of wanikani, pleasantly surprised with the free period. I purchased the month,but I want to get the best deal possible, So I was wondering if it is cheaper to buy year long untill you finish, or is it cheaper in the long run to buy a life time?

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WK goes to level 60, so I’m not sure from your title what you mean by ‘finish’…

How long it will take to complete will depend largely on what pace you are able to maintain. There are several threads discussing fastest possible pace and others recommending slower paces to avoid burnout, but it’s going to come down to your personal circumstances. I opted for lifetime as it was the most economical for the pace I was aiming for.


The absolute fastest you can each 60 is about a year, but most take at least two

I’m about to reach the 1 year mark… so I’m 1/3 of the way to finishing. I spend at least an hour a day on wanikani and have done so routinely for the whole year so… this is my pace. I do some supplementary Japanese studies but Wanikani is the only one that has sticked due to its simplicity and routine.

I only paid for the 1 year subscription, but I might consider the lifetime.

As the thought never occurred to me except later when I saw people on the forums who reached level 60, RESET and do it all over again.

To be fair, Leebo is crazy


I would say buy the year or whatever option you think is best for now. If you decide to upgrade to lifetime at some point (say Christmas when they run good deals ;D) then Wanikani lets you use the money you’ve already spent as part of the purchasing cost (cause they’re awesome).

You will only be able to use whatever is left from your subscription. If you buy a one year subscription and upgrade to life time during the 11th month, you’ll only get 1 month’s worth discount.

I am level 41 now!

According to WKStats, I started a little under a year ago (339 Days, July 28th last year) and my average level up time is 8 days, 8 hours. I think that’s one or one and a half days longer than the “fast” people. I study regularly and try to level up as fast as possible, but if I can’t get to it I can’t get to it so my average drops a little because of that.

I was originally going to pay yearly because I didn’t expect to use it for more than one year, but I eventually caved and bought Lifetime during the new years sale because I want to be able to use it as much as I want, whenever I want because it’s a great system and it’s been a huge help in my studies. If you just want 40 then a year is probably fine, if you want to take your time with it then the discounted lifetime is definitely worth it.

It depends…
As others have stated you can unlock every item up to level 60 within a year… but to actually finish (burning everything) you’ll need at least 6 months more, and the speed needed to do so will be a bit demanding, so imo an average person would need about 1.5 - 2 years to finish everything and a year more to finish burning turtles…

Lifetime suscription is a bit above the three years prize, so i’d go for it when it’s on discount to get a real deal. (well if i had the money that’s what i’d do… you never know when you might need to reset, and it’s common to have people taking year-long vacations)

Really?! That’s what I will do then,
Thank you

Adding some more details:

Basically the Wanikani team run a discount every Christmas for the lifetime subscription (it goes from $300 to $200). Also, in case you decide to upgrade while you’re still subscribed, they discount what you have yet to use from your subscription into your total to pay for the subscription upgrade. If you subscribe right now for a year, you might get around an extra $40 discount in December for the lifetime.

This promotion is not a guarantee, but they seem to do it every year. They don’t confirm it for the drama :stuck_out_tongue:

I do think this is the best option, no matter how much time you’ll use Wanikani for. Some people reach level 60 in 1 year, for most it takes around 2 years. However, most people never even get to level 60. Wanikani requires discipline :slight_smile:


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