Question regarding verb conjugation

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well in learning japanese.
I’m writting this topic regarding somes questions about japanese verbs.
I know verbs are divided in 3 groups, and you have to work on the okurigana of the verbs to create verbal form, to express the negative, the excess or many other. My question is regarding the transformation occuring on the okurigana, does someone have a document or know one, where there is further information about that ? I’m self-taught, and i can’t hide that Marugoto not really explaining make it kinda hard to understand stuff for the conjugation of verbs.
I have put a picture if it can help to understand what i meant.

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I have been using Bunpro recently because it introduces grammar as individual points. As an example, here’s the page on past tense for pentagrade (godan) verbs. It has a panel with the transformations, in casual and polite forms, along with the exceptions. Bunpro requires a subscription, though, to learn beyond their month-long free trial.

You can also see this information on free resources, like Tae Kim’s A Guide to Japanese Grammar. For example, there’s a table with the information on this page.

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This Cure Dolly video covers all the basics I think, including the stem changes for godan verbs:

Also, in case you’re language laddering, it should be “forme nominaliséE”.


Thank you for the ressource.

Thanks for the ressource. and yes, i miswrote “forme nominalisée”. I created this excel so that it would be cleaner than my hand writting. But thank you for pointing it down.

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Here is another resource that may be helpful:

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