Question: How to view review item in Extra Study

Took a long break from WK last year. Trying to get back into it and the Extra Study feature for burned items is really nice! A problem I’ve been having is when I get a review item wrong, I sometimes want to go to that item and view more details, or un-burn the item. I can’t for the life of me find a link on the review page to get to the item itself.

I can get to the kanji or radicals that make up the item, but not to the item itself. Where do I click for that?

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Did you click on “Meaning”? If yes, and that isn’t what you’re looking for, then I may not understand what you want. It hides the meaning if you missed the reading, and hides the reading if missed the meaning. But you can expand them if you want.

Not quite what I’m looking for. How do I get from the review, to here:

So that I can go here:

Oh, I see now. Here’s one round-about way: click on one of the kanji or radicals to get to that item’s page. At the bottom, it will have a list of kanji or vocabulary that use that item. For kanji, it will say “Found in Vocabulary.” You can find your item in the list.

Thanks, but that’s pretty absurd. There’s got to be another way… right?

They’re planning to add a better way just as soon as they bring back the post-session summary page. :sweat_smile:

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