Question for Torii Users

Dear everyone

I would like to use Torii as a complement to WaniKani, as the mighty Crabigator, Lord of Kanjis, doesn’t have the ability to teach vocabulary efficiently (I don’t want to be called a heretic!).

But one option that is bothering me, I should use:

English :arrow_right: Japanese
Japanese :arrow_left: English
↔️ English and Japanese together!

For those who don’t know, Torii is a program similar to WaniKani, but focused on vocabulary instead of Kanji itself.

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I used it both ways, because recollection (JP→EN) and production (EN→JP) are two entirely different things, learning-wise. Knowing a word when you read it in Japanese in no way means you could properly use it in a sentence, and vice-versa (though I imagine being able to produce but not recall a word is rare, if it really happens at all).

And if nothing else, it exposes you to a word more often. It might help you remember some nuance too, because a lot of words seem like synonyms (as in they translate to the same thing in English) and will have the same accepted answer when done JP→EN, but the other way more or less “forces” you to differentiate between different nuances/usages.


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