Question for people who self-study with textbooks

What do you do when your book asks you to write a subjective answer and/or short essay?

I’m considering self-study, but I’m accustomed to doing all of the activities and having a tutor correct them. I’m not sure how I should handle it on my own.


If it’s short-form attempts at applying grammar, something like LangCorrect can be worth looking at.


You can also just write the exercises without worrying too much about getting them wrong.
It’s like mass reading, your understanding isn’t always on point, but you get better over time by exposure.
Of course, you could also hire a tutor every few weeks to correct your exercises once you’ve collected a few of them.
Or you could just use something like Bunpro, which corrects you with intelligent tipps, and is probably cheaper than a tutor. Some people use textbooks and then add the grammar points they learned to Bunpro, which also has “paths” for many textbooks, using their order of grammar points. Many people went on to just learn with Bunpro as well (me included).


I actually do this already. Bunpro has been great practice.

I considered just having a tutor to correct homework once a month or so, but it’s remarkably hard to find one that has that option (most either want to teach fully or just do conversation practice).

I’ve looked at Langcorrect, but I wasn’t sure if it would be awkward to post textbook exercises. It seems most people just write about what they’re doing or something they saw recently.

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